7 Dating Red Flags Men Look for in Single Women in Dallas

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Red flags in the dating scene are a warning sign to proceed with caution. The signs you notice early on when you’re dating someone new can plant a seed of doubt in your mind. Red flags are character traits and habits that are considered to be deal breakers in a relationship.

Have you ever wondered what turns men off about single women in Dallas? While all men are different, there are a few things they share in common. As professional matchmakers, we know what those things are and want to share them with you. These red flags include things like not being genuine, being on the phone too much, wearing excessive amounts of makeup, being high maintenance, clingy, and dependent.

So put an end to your curiosity, our high-end Fort Worth matchmakers at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service will show you the top seven red flags look for in dating.

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1. She’s Fake

One of the biggest turns off for men is a woman who isn’t genuine or authentic. Men don’t like women who aren’t themselves or who are afraid to be themselves. It’s a turn on when a woman can actually be proud of who she is as a woman. It’s attractive to be a deep person who isn’t afraid to show their true colors.

If you behave in a way that isn’t real, you’re going to turn men off all the time. Being obsessed with superficial things and living in a fantasy world will also turn men off. Intellectual things—real and interesting conversations—will always win quality men.

2. She’s Lacking Brains

Intelligence is a huge turn on for men, particularly for the older guys. A woman who is well educated and has a good head on her shoulders is keeper because she knows how to hold a smart conversation and has interesting things to say. But the absolute worst is when a woman pretends to be dumb to get men to like her, almost as though she is afraid her intelligence will turn men off.

When it comes to finding a serious partner, every man wants a woman who can challenge him. So if you don’t appear to be smart, or you purposely hold back your intelligence, men will hook up with you but will never see a future with you. Intelligence is actually one of the top traits men look for in a woman, especially marriage-minded men.

3. She’s Rude

No one wants to be in a relationship with a rude person. It’s that old waiter thing, “Someone’s real character is revealed by the way they treat others.” If you’re rude to strangers, talk bad about people, and give off a bad aura, no man is going to want to be with you.

Another big teller that a woman is rude is by the way she treats people who are below her, such as waiters, cleaners, taxi drivers, etc. Every man wants to be with a woman who is kindhearted to everyone, not just to him. What good does it do if you’re nice to him but rude to everyone else?

4. She’s Too High Maintenance

There are actually many men in the dating scene who wouldn’t mind taking care of a woman, even if she is a little high maintenance. But for the majority of men, being too high maintenance means a lot of work, which is a turn off and most often a deal breaker. Men want a woman who doesn’t revolve her life around her looks. They want a woman who is easygoing and spontaneous.

Signs that you’re too high maintenance pop up in scenarios such as making plans. If you’re too particular about what you do and when you do it, or you always need to look your best wherever you go and are afraid to go with the flow, then you’re too high maintenance. Dating someone who is high maintenance can put a strain on the relationship, especially for the man. Most men say they prefer a woman who is fun and easygoing and doesn’t have to be ready 24/7.

5. She’s Boring

You have to be fun if you want to win men over. If you don’t have a fun personality, you don’t have a sense of humor, and you lack interests, then no man is going to want to date you. Just as every woman wants to be with a fun and interesting guy, every guy wants the same thing. It is a huge turn on when a woman is fun, spontaneous, and energetic. If you have a great sense of humor, you’ll always attract men your way.

In fact, when we talk to men, they always tell us too many single women in Dallas are serious, boring, and don’t know how to have fun. Funny women make everything fun, lighthearted, and happy, and they also give men the opportunity to cracks jokes, laugh, and just have a good time themselves, something everyone wants to be able to do in a relationship.

6. She’s Not Ambitious

While some men might say that ambition isn’t that important, the ones who are looking for a serious relationship will say otherwise. For a lot of men, it’s a huge red flag if a woman doesn’t have goals and aspirations in life. Most men want a woman who is successful in her own way and has things going in her life, particularly if he’s ambitious himself.

7. She’s Too Into Her Phone

Men hate it when a woman is too into her phone, and it’s actually one of the biggest deal breakers men look for when on a date. Constant selfies, checking Facebook & Instagram 24/7, and messaging your best friend is a huge turn off to men. If you’re always glued to your phone and don’t pay attention to him, you’re basically obsessed with your phone, to the point that you’re pushing men away.

If you want to be successful in your dating life, it’s time to be a little more considerate and put your phone away.

Now that you know the biggest turn offs men look out for in single women in Dallas, we hope you change your ways so you can finally land the relationship of your dreams. If you’re struggling to meet relationship-minded men in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact our expert matchmakers assist you on your search.

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