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No one gets into a relationship thinking that they’ll one day break up.  You are very excited to meet this new person.  They are everything you’ve been searching for in a partner: funny, smart, successful, and as an added bonus, your family loves them.

You and your hormones are off the charts and you just want to spend every second you can with them.  Life seems to be perfect, just like it is in the movies.  You can’t imagine your life without them.

And then one day it happens.  Everything starts to come crumbling down.  You ignore it hoping it will go away, but it only comes back stronger, and it keeps getting worse.  Soon, you can’t believe what is happening to your relationship and can’t help but to wonder how you got there in the first place.

As the best dating service in Dallas, we’re here to tell you that relationship problems are common and cannot be escaped forever.  Just because you’re currently experiencing them in your relationship doesn’t mean you have to break up.  You can take control of your relationship and change things for the better.

Today, our matchmakers are going to show you how to solve your relationship problems and repair your relationship before it leads to a breakup.

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1. Think About the Bigger Picture

Okay, so maybe you’re angry at your partner because they’re not spending enough time with you, or perhaps they’ve been flirting with a member of the opposite sex.  Whatever the issue is, look at the bigger picture.  You need to focus on what’s right in front of you or you might miss the best relationship of your life.

What’s more important, being right and being stubborn or working it out and staying together for the long haul?  You know the answer to that.

2. Take Equal Blame

Sure, some might say that you should never put blame on yourself.  They will tell you that it’s usually the other person’s fault.  But you should actually put blame on yourself, just as you do to your partner because it takes two to tango.

If you can put the blame on both of you, you’ll be able to work together as a team to fix the problems in your relationship, since you’ll be an equal participant in solving the problems together.    The truth is, if something has gone wrong in your relationship, it’s most likely because of both of you.

If you were tempted to turn to someone else because your partner did not give you enough attention, then you are to blame too.  When you really look at it, you are both guilty and need to own up to it.

3. Create a New Routine

Obviously you’re here because you want to fix the problems in your relationship without going your separate ways.  But if you want to solve the problems without breaking up, you’re going to have to come up with a new strategy to work them out together.

As the best dating service in Dallas, we’re going to tell you that things might not be the same for a while.  You’re both going through something major and need to work it out together.

Your new strategy might mean committing to each other more than ever before and spending more quality time together.  It might also mean opening the lines of communication so you can better understand each other and avoid misunderstandings.  Or perhaps you want to start doing new things as a couple to spice up the relationship and bring back the excitement it once had.  Whatever you think you need to do to save it, make a strategy and stick to it.

4. Turn to a Professional If That’s What It Takes

There is absolutely nothing wrong with turning to a professional for help; after all, it’s your relationship you’re trying to save, so you must try everything you can.  If you truly believe this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you will have no problem turning to professional counseling.

Talk to a therapist and figure out what went wrong in your relationship and what you need to do to fix it.  Chances are, you’ll be glad you did.  You will have the tools and advice necessary to fix your problems.  Believe us, this investment is worth it for you and your relationship.

5. Figure out the Cause of the Problems

You can’t sweep the problems under the rug and hope they disappear.  You need to figure out what is causing the problems to begin with.  Putting a temporary Band-Aid on the issue will only cover it for so long.  You need to get to the root of the problem and prevent it from coming back.

If you can figure out what is causing the issues in your relationship, then you’ll be able to work together as a team to fix them.  Whether it is something you’re doing or your partner is doing, knowing what is causing the problem will allow you to come up with a solution to fix it.

6. Make a Commitment for Each Other

If you’re experiencing issues that have brought you to this page, then chances are you’re both feeling insecure about the relationship.  Sure, the two of you have agreed to give it another shot and fix the problem.  But you also need to feel more confident about each other and the relationship to work through it and stick it out.

If you want to save your relationship without breaking up, you’re going to have to recommit to each other.  Whether that means reincorporating date night or spending more quality time together at home, this will make you and your partner closer and help you forget the worries you each have when you’re not together.

The more the two of you start behaving like a couple, the better it will be for your relationship.  You just need to remember what you love about each other and how great of a couple you make.  Fights will happen all the time, but it’s how you deal with them that counts.

As long as you and your partner commit to making it work, there should be no problem that can get in the way of your relationship.  The love you both have is enough to make the world go round, so don’t give it up for an argument or fight.

Do you have any other tips that helped you salvage your relationship and bring it back to life?  Share your thoughts with us on our comments sections.  We would love to hear from you!

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