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Are you wondering whether or not you’ll destroy his heart when you tell him “The relationship is over”?  Or maybe you already ended it and are wondering how he’s doing.  Today, you’ll find out.  The best matchmakers in Dallas are going to show you the ways men handle breakups, and it’s completely different than the way women handle a split.

For men, being alone isn’t as bad as it is for women.  Men are known to be very independent, which is why they don’t like to settle down in relationships.  Men are okay with flying solo, which is why there are so many single men in Dallas.  That being said, some men do put up a façade and act tough when they’re really not.  Forget the stereotypes, because men do have feelings.

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Men Don’t Like Being Alone Either

We’re all human and desire a partner.  We want to spend time with a man or woman because that’s what we’re programmed to do.  No one wants to go through life alone, especially not after being in a meaningful relationship.

As the best matchmakers in Dallas, we know that breakups can be a huge blow to both sexes, and there’s no denying that.  But for some reason, men cope with breakups a little different than women, in the sense that they tend to heal and bounce back faster.  Men have a different way of handling their emotions, often blocking some of them.  At the same time, there is no denying that they do enjoy having a partner by their side.

Some Men Are Not in a Rush to Be Committed

Men have one thing in their favor, and that is not having a biological clock.  They have confidence in knowing they can find a new partner without having to rush to settle down.  On the other hand, women have to rush because their biological clock is ticking.  It’s no secret that women want to get into a serious relationship before they turn a certain age.

Many women feel the need to rush to get hitched because they’re under a time constraint.  Men don’t feel this way, and fortunately for them, they don’t have to worry about this ticking clock in the back of their mind.

Men don’t have to worry about things like having a baby because they don’t have a biological clock working against them, which makes them more carefree in the dating world.

Do Men Cry at the End of a Relationship?

If he is the one that called it quits, then you probably won’t find him crying at home.  However, if it was you that called it quits, then he will likely do a little tearing up.  You already know that men do have feelings, although they are a little tougher on the outside and don’t like admitting it.

Since he will be on the receiving end of the breakup, he’ll have a hard time getting through it.  If he appears tough or acts like he doesn’t care, he’s probably putting up a façade, while deep inside he does care.

Do Men Cry on Purpose?

Of course some men cry during a breakup, but some have been known to cry on purpose to prevent the relationship from coming to an end.

Of course men don’t cry as much as women do.  But if it means saving the relationship, some men will do whatever it takes to avoid a breakup.  It’s safe to assume that both sexes can use crying as leverage in a relationship.

Do Men Cry When You Break Up with Them?

Of course the acknowledgment of your loving partner not wanting to be with you can be a blow for both sexes.  As the best matchmakers in Dallas, we know that men will cry when their partner calls it quits.  If the relationship was serious and meaningful, then he is going to have a hard time dealing with the breakup.

If He Threatens to Hurt Himself, Will He Really Do It?

This one goes on an individual basis, but it’s unlikely he’ll do something like that.  Some people threaten to hurt themselves because they have no other kind of leverage.  Even if you don’t believe he will hurt himself, you should mention it to someone he’s close to.  Call one of his friends or family members and let them know what he said just to ensure someone knows he may need someone to talk to during this difficult time.  Plus, it will ease your conscious.

How Soon Will He Start Dating Again?

It might bring pain to you to imagine, but some men get back in the dating scene right away.  He might get back to dating only a few weeks after the breakup.  However, if it was a long-lasting relationship, some men take a while to get back into dating.  But if he is trying to move on and forget about the pain, he may try to bury you by dating right away.

He might also hit the Dallas dating scene to hook up because he thinks it will help him move on.  His buddies probably encourage him to get out there and have fun by telling him the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.  However, as the best matchmakers in Dallas, we know this awful approach won’t work.  Although he might try to hang out with new women after your breakup, it doesn’t mean he’s over you.  If the relationship was long and loving, you will very much be at the forefront of his thoughts.

Try to find some peace of mind in knowing that he won’t be able to move on from you right away.  The connection the two of you had can’t be wiped away with a hookup or casual relationship.  The times you shared together mean a lot, which will make it tough for him to move on.

Men deal with breakups completely different than women.  Each man handles it in his own way, depending on his situation.  But in general, most men try to forget about their ex by dating other women.  It’s time to stop thinking about your ex and start concentrating on you.

Have you recently broken up and healed from your ex?  If you’re ready to meet quality single men, contact the best matchmakers in Dallas and let us help you with your search.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with Dallas & Fort Worth Singles today!

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