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We don’t often give guys credit for what’s on their minds. A lot of the time, it appears as they’re acting and talking without thinking. But turns out, there is something happening up there. The wheels are turning. Guys are actually doing a lot more thinking than we tend to give them credit for. Sure, they might not over analyze everything to death like women do. They might not get on the group chat and share screenshots like women do. But they do think about a lot of things.

One thing guys definitely think about before action is breaking up. In fact, they probably spend way more time thinking about breaking up than women. There’s lots of reasons why guys worry about a break up before actually calling it quits. They might be nervous about how you are going to react, scared to be alone, or afraid to come off as a jerk.

He might be hoping you pick up on these hints and just remove yourself from his life. Is your guy showing any of these signs? If so, he might be ready to leave. Let our Cedar Hill matchmaking service show you the top warning signs he is about to break up with you.

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1. He Flirts with Other Women

If you are in a committed relationship with him, one of the obvious no-nos is flirting with other women. He’s not single – so he shouldn’t be doing that all. But if your boyfriend is starting to act a little flirtier than usual in public, you should be on the alert. Is he winking at the hot bartender? Making eye contact with women at the bar? Schmoozing with a work colleague during the Christmas party? Yeah, you should be worried. If his flirty ways are crossing the line while you’re there, just imagine all the things he does behind your back. A guy who is being flirty in front of his girlfriend doesn’t care anymore. In fact, he might want you to call him out on it so you guys can get into a huge fight and he can walk away from the relationship.

2. He Gives You One Word Answers

Most guys are not known for being good conversationalists. In fact, the biggest issue in relationships is the lack of communication. But if your guy has completely clammed up lately, you need to take notice.

Has he totally stopped having meaningful conversations with you? Are you only getting one-word answers from him? Has he stopped asking about your day? Yeah, that might be because he doesn’t care about you anymore. He’s not putting any more effort into the relationship and doesn’t even care how you are doing anymore. If he’s trying to show he doesn’t care anymore because he’s over the relationship, count this as a blessing in disguise and kick this guy to the curb.

3. He Doesn’t Notice Anything Lately

A guy who has one foot out the door will no longer care about you. And if he doesn’t care about you, he isn’t going to pay attention to you. You might think your boyfriend has gotten really relaxed in the relationship if he doesn’t seem to care at all when you cancel plans last minute, stay out late with your gal pals or come home a little tipsy.

But be careful. Your boyfriend might just be getting ready to leave. If he’s planning to break up with you, he’s not going to bother getting all upset about your less than stellar behaviors. In fact, he probably didn’t even notice that you got home a little tipsy.

If you notice any of these three warning signs in your relationship, it’s time to figure out where you stand and where things are heading. After all, there’s no point in wasting your time with someone who doesn’t see a future with you.

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