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If you’re reading this blog, we have to say we’re sorry because it means you’re going through a difficult breakup, and we know how devastating it feels.  The pressure inside your chest, the empty feeling in your stomach, and the heartache is enough to make even the strongest person crack.

Everyone has been there before.  Breakups are the worst things that can happen, and that’s why there are so many sad love songs and poems written about them.  It’s an experience that can change your whole life.  But don’t worry, Dallas dating coaches from the best matchmaking service in Dallas have helped thousands of singles in DFW get through tough breakups, and we’re here to do the same for you.

There is always hope.  We know that this blog might not fix your broken heart, but these this expert advice from our matchmakers will certainly make the road to recovery smoother.

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1. Talk About It

Talking is very therapeutic because it lets you get things off your chest.  This doesn’t mean you have to sign up with a therapist, but you should definitely talk to your friends and family members.  You just lost someone who was very close to you, and it’s very much like the process of grieving a death, especially if you were in a long-term relationship and had plans to get married.  Remember that you still have people in your life who care about you and want to see you happy.

Talk to them, and even though it might be the last thing you want to do right now, it will bring you comfort and much-needed support.  Talking to them will also help you release built up emotions, so don’t be afraid to open your heart to them.  They are there to lend you an ear and shoulder to cry on.  They want to hear everything you have to say so they can help you get through it with encouraging words of support.  Believe us, you will feel much lighter after a good conversation with them.

2. Change Something

Change your hairstyle, a piece of furniture, or make a little change in your daily life because it will make you feel better and help cheer you up.  Going through a big change like a breakup up requires a lot of change in your life.  A little change will help you get into a better mindset and provide a better outlook on life.  You know change is good, so don’t be afraid of it.

Just be careful, though, because you don’t want to make any drastic changes, like quitting your job and moving out of state, getting a tattoo you’ll later regret, or changing your appearance.  Just make positive changes in your life and you’ll quickly see how refreshed you feel.

3. Stop Looking at Old Pictures

The pain from your breakup will be inevitable, so don’t add to it.  Having to go through a breakup is something no one ever wants to do, but it happens.  Breakups happen and can be incredibly painful.  This is the price you pay for wearing your heart on your sleeve and making yourself vulnerable to someone else.  But you don’t have to add to the suffering by looking at old photos, presents, and love letters from your ex.

Throw away all the reminders of them; otherwise, you’re just going to put salt on a fresh wound and make yourself suffer more than you have to.  They will always be on your mind, but having those happy times plastered on your wall, on your social media accounts, or at your workplace will bring unnecessary suffering into your life.  It’s time to ditch the reminders today.

4. Don’t Turn to Drinking

If you feel pain from your breakup, it might only seem logical to turn to alcohol to ease the pain and numb your feelings.  In movies and TV shows, we always see the characters drink themselves to sleep, so it might seem like a good idea, right?  Wrong!

Alcohol is only going to make this painful situation much worse because it will cause you to take a trip down memory lane and get all nostalgic, to the point that you might even reach out to your ex.  If you get drunk, chances are you’ll do something you’ll later regret—something that will make you feel worse the next day… Like drunk dialing your ex, which is a big no-no.

You want to get over this breakup fast, and alcohol has never been an ingredient to heal from anything.  Alcohol tends to steal your dignity and make you do things you wouldn’t normally do, so say no to alcohol during this vulnerable time of your life.

5. Control Your Thoughts

You are the owner of what’s going on up top.  It is extremely normal to constantly think about your ex while you’re going through your breakup.  You might see yourself as the victim and feel terrible about what’s happening.  Your mind becomes a battlefield where you will lose.  So if you want to heal from this breakup, you need to stop thinking about your ex and why the relationship came to an end.

You cannot do this unless you distract yourself with positive things.  The best way to beat those thoughts is by immersing yourself in productive activities.  Take your dog out for a walk, hang out with your friend and chitchat over coffee, go to the gym and get in a good workout.  You can volunteer in your spare time, visit family members, and do anything you can to occupy yourself from thinking about your ex.  You are the only person responsible for your thoughts, so if you want to stop thinking negative thoughts, you need to do positive things in your life.

Getting over your ex is not going to happen overnight.  Healing from a breakup requires the right mindset and efforts on your part.  Use these five incredibly effective tips from our Dallas dating coaches to start healing from your painful breakup.

Once you’re completely healed and ready to start dating again, our Dallas dating coaches here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service will be happy to assist you with reentering the dating scene.  We will provide you the guidance and support you need to find and keep a compatible partner and long-lasting relationship.

To request your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with the best matchmakers in Dallas, fill out the quick and easy form at the top of this page today.  We’re ready and eager to help you find the love you desire and deserve!

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