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Just like women, men also have their turn offs. And if you’re trying to find yourself a quality man in Dallas, you must learn what turns them off. You could unknowingly be doing things that are turning men off and pushing them away. From our experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth matchmaking and dating industry, and many years of helping single women find love, we know the top turn offs for single men in the modern dating scene. Single women looking for love in Texas, this is an absolute must-read for you!

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1. Wearing Too Much Makeup

With the uproar of contouring tutorials, many women make the mistake of wearing too much. Although professional contouring looks amazing, it doesn’t mean you need to pile on the makeup and cover up who you are. You don’t need to wear a bunch of makeup to look good in a man’s eyes. In fact, most men see it as fake or too high-maintenance. Ladies, it’s okay to wear a little makeup to accentuate your features, but keep it clean, keep it to a minimum. If you are used to wearing loud colors, then you need to tone it down a bit. Believe us, your natural features will work wonders in the Dallas dating scene.

2. Being Too Needy

Well, we hate to say it, ladies, but there is nothing worse than a needy woman. Men will see you as a woman who has no confidence and no life. If you’re the type of woman who is constantly glued to her man, you need to become more independent and get your own life. Men find it annoying to be with a woman who is constantly calling and texting, demanding and questioning. Don’t be needy, don’t be desperate. Show him that you’re an independent woman who is secure and confident in herself.

3. Being a Nagger

We all know a woman who is constantly nagging, whining, and complaining. Why are you late? Why didn’t you clean the dishes? Why is the trash still here? Why didn’t you get the mail? No! No! No! If you’re guilty of nonstop nagging, you need to stop this bad habit right away; otherwise, you’re completely sabotaging your own dating life. Men can’t stand a woman who nags them about everything under the sun. Just think about it for a second… Would you want someone to be on you about everything you did, or didn’t do, the second you walk in the door after a long day of? Of course not.

4. Behaving Like a Little Girl

Men want to date a mature woman, not someone who is more like a little sister. If your favorite pastime is gossip and drama, then you’re going to scare men away. Start behaving like a grown woman, someone who is mature and sophisticated, because that’s what men are looking for today.

5. Being Too Emotional

Of course women are more emotional than men, but there is a big difference between having normal emotions and going over the top. If you cry because you missed your favorite reality TV show or because the pizza shop was closed when you stopped after work, then you’re just being overemotional. Men will think you have deeper problems and they will not want to date you.

6. Playing Hard to Get

Of course men love the challenge, it’s what they’re built for. Every guy loves chasing the woman they’re into. But if you’re the type of woman who plays hard to get—to the point that it’s exhausting—he’s going to walk away. Of course you can show him that you’re an independent woman who is not easy, but you need to throw him a bone here and there. Give him little hints you’re into him to keep him interested so he keeps coming back for more.

7. Being Flaky

There’s nothing worse than someone who is flaky, and we’re sure you know what we’re talking about here. This is the person you make plans with, you even get ready to go out, but at the last minute, they cancel—or worse, they don’t show up at all… for the tenth time in a row. Of course many things in life are unexpected, but if you’re constantly cancelling on him, he’s going think you’re not interested—or worse, that you’re rude. Either way, he’ll stop pursuing you.

8. Giving Ultimatums

Many women in Dallas think it’s okay to give men ultimatums. Is this your style? If you’re the type of woman who is constantly giving men ultimatums, you’re pushing them away. Do not tell him that it’s you or his friends and never pressure him into commitment. Remember, men don’t like to be pressured to do things, so never bring out the ultimatums if you want to keep a partner for the long term.

9. Trying to Change Him

This one is very basic, because you should fall in love with a man for who he is, not who you think he can be. If you’re going into the Dallas dating scene thinking you can change men, you’re going to fail miserably. Remember that it’s okay to be a little different from him—it’s okay that he loves action movies and you don’t—it’s okay that he doesn’t work out seven days a week like you. Remember that you can’t change him, and don’t try; otherwise, you will scare him away.

10. Being Indecisive

When he asks you what you want to do, your answer is always, “I don’t know. Whatever you want.” If you are always indecisive, men are going to be turned off. Being indecisive is one of those things that makes men cringe. If you’ve been acting this way in the dating scene, it could very well be the reason you’re single today. Our Dallas dating service encourages you to be more secure in your decisions. Believe us, your man will appreciate it.

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