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It can be a huge bummer when you waste your precious time on a guy that you thought was serious about you but ended up being a total waste of your time.

To help you figure out if the next guy you’re on a first date with is worthy of a relationship, our Dallas & Fort Worth Singles matchmakers are going to show you how to spot a keeper on a first date.

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1. He’s genuinely happy to be on date with you.

If he seems like he isn’t that interested in the date while he’s out with you, then that could be a huge red flag. If you see him checking his phone all the time, he’s not answering your questions, or he’s just anxious throughout the entire date, it may be because he’s not really into you.

The guy of your dreams should be happy to be with you and spend time together. If he’s not paying attention to you and is instead showing signs that he would rather be somewhere else, then he’s definitely not worthy of a relationship – or even a second date.

2. He doesn’t just talk about himself.

We want guys to talk about themselves because that’s how we get to know them. But if a guy takes over the entire conversation and is non-stop talking about himself, that’s going to make for a boring first date. If he wants to know more about you, then he’ll be asking you questions.

That’s why the conversation should be equal on both sides. He should asking you questions and you should be asking him questions. If not, how are you ever going to get to know each other?

3. He wants to learn about your goals and passions.

Whether it be your passions, life goals, or hobbies, it’s awesome if a guy is willing to learn more about the things that bring happiness into your life. If he seems genuinely interested in getting to know those things, that’s great news for you.

Showing true interest in you is very important. If someone is willing to learn about your hobbies and interests, that’s a huge thing. After learning a few things you enjoy, he might even be suggest doing one of them on a second date.

4. Conversation flows easily.

Have you ever been on a first date where there were long awkward silences? It’s horrible. The best dates are when the conversation flows easily. If you find that type of chemistry with a guy, then that’s very good for you.

First dates that go on forever because you just can’t stop talking are a good sign that you connect and are compatible.

5. He doesn’t put down his ex.

It would be nice if he didn’t talk about his ex at all, but if the topic comes up, pay attention to the way he talks about her. Beware of a guy who calls his exes crazy or says other derogatory things.

Sure, there are times when an ex is probably crazy, but every ex shouldn’t be labeled or blamed.

6. He does kind gestures.

When a guy brings flowers or candy on a first date, it just lets you know that he’s serious about you. What’s even better is if he shows up with something he knew you liked from talking to you.

Then you know you have a guy that not only pays attention but is also willing to make you smile.

Kind gestures go a long way and get the date started off on the right note. Of course, it doesn’t have to be something big or expensive – it could just be picking a date that he knew you would love.

So look for these six signs on your next big first date. After all, why waste your time with a guy who won’t make a good partner down the road?

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