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Every lady should learn how to keep their man interested.  After all, keeping your man interested is vital to the longevity of your relationship. 

Once you snag the perfect man, you never want to let him slip away.  Believe it or not, it happens all the time, because many women don’t know how to keep their man interested.  We’re here to help you avoid that dreadful situation.  

Men are visual creatures, especially when it comes to women.  If you want to keep him interested, you’re going to have to show him that you’re an amazing woman, an irreplaceable match.  Today, our Dallas matchmakers will show you how to keep the flame from going out and how to avoid becoming too comfortable in your relationship.

These helpful tips from our Dallas matchmakers will teach you how to keep the spark alive and your relationship happy and healthy.  Follow these expert guidelines and you’ll keep your man interested in the long run.  It’s time to explore what men really want in a relationship so you can keep him on his toes. 

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How to Keep Your Man Wanting You

One of the best ways to keep your man on his toes is by keeping yourself as a secret.  Now, this doesn’t mean you need to keep secrets from him, it just means to be a little mysterious when you can.  You don’t have to share every detail of your life or let him know what you’re doing every second of the day.  Do this without being shady, though, or he’ll think you’re doing something behind his back.

Men love it when their woman is a little mysterious.  Why?  Because, as we said, it keeps them on their toes.  This has everything to do with the chase, so try leaving some things for his imagination.  Drop the boring details about wine night with your gal pals and only share important things that are happening in your life. 

Another way to keep the mystery alive is by putting the phone down.  Stop texting him every second when you’re out with your girls.  Instead, focus on having a good time with them.  Our Dallas matchmakers know you must enjoy the time you have away from each other.  And you should have time away from each other, because it creates mystery and allows for him to miss you. 

And it’s this right here that will keep the spark alive.  Now, during the early stages of your relationship, your new man is probably the only thing going through your mind, causing you to neglect friends and family.  Don’t fall into this common trap; instead, continue your friendships and stay connected with your family.  Try to be independent, because that’s what men like their woman to be.  And believe us, doing these things will make your man want you more. 

How to Please Your Man

There is no way anyone is going to avoid the comfortable zone in a relationship, because that is a huge milestone and it should be welcomed.  You can finally relax at home in your PJs or sweatpants and run errands with each other without being all done up.  However, this is not to say you should be comfortable all the time.  Show your man that you are a great catch and that you still got it!  Letting go of yourself is completely different than being comfortable.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours getting ready every day, but never let your appearance fall apart.  Your man doesn’t want you to have hairy legs, nor does he want you to stop working out because you’re in a relationship.  

Show your man you’re a confident and independent woman who is great for him and try to make an effort to look good here and there.  Go ahead and indulge in the comfortable zone, but don’t let it become an everyday thing.  A little bit of makeup here and there, a spritz of perfume, and a sexy outfit once in a while will keep your man intrigued.

How to Impress Your Man

If you want to keep your man interested, our Dallas matchmakers know you must love yourself first.  Men can’t get enough of a woman who is confident, someone who is proud of herself and her accomplishments.  This means you must have ambitions and goals in life.  You should also have interests other than him. 

Men love a woman is all of those things.  Show him your confidence and independence by letting him see that you have other things going on in your life.  It’s okay to chime in on how beautiful another woman is, and let him know that you’re not threatened by her.  And why should you be?  He picked you and you’re confident in yourself.  You should also be confident of the love the two of you have. 

One big mistake many women make is trying to be someone they’re not, someone they think their man wants.  This approach will never work, ladies.  And if it does, your man will fall in love with the wrong person.  Always be yourself, flaws and all, and he will love you for who you are.

How to Keep Him Happy

Whether it’s a fight you had last night, a discussion about the ex that keeps popping up, or something else he did, forget about it.  You’ll never have a happy and healthy relationship if you’re constantly fighting about something from the past.  In other words, forget the past and move on.  You can keep your man interested by being present and letting go of grudges.

Leave the baggage in the past and focus on what the two of you have right now.  This will instantly eliminate insecurities, nagging, and clingy behaviors, which are all huge turn offs for men.

Last but not least, believe in love and show him that you’re the best woman for his life.  Use these helpful tips from our Dallas matchmakers to show him that he’s made the right choice in picking you.

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