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Toxic relationships aren’t really at all that rare. In fact, they’re everywhere we look. You might be in a toxic relationship right now as you’re reading this blog and you’re just counting down the days before you call it quits. There are so many reasons as to why people fail to exit relationships with partners they know aren’t right for them. It’s either they are just outright lying to themselves, or they are made to believe that staying in that relationship is better than being single and starting over.

It’s an unfortunate thing whenever anyone lands themselves in a toxic relationship with someone. You can become really into someone and develop a strong connection with this person, causing you to get wrapped up in the moment. You can become really invested in the relationship and the life you share together, but little do you realize that what you have is slowly killing you on the inside. You want so much for things to work out, but you know deep inside that there’s just no way for you to make that happen. You know that you’re stuck in a toxic relationship, whether you like to admit it aloud or not. However, you really haven’t come to terms with the fact you need to get out right now – sooner than later.

Or maybe you don’t know you’re in a toxic relationship. Maybe you’re blind to the fact that you’re in a toxic relationship. Maybe you love your partner so much – to the point that you end up lying to yourself about the sad state you’re in. You need to be able to look at your relationship with a clear mind. You must be truthful with yourself about what type of relationship you have with this partner. Is it more harmful than good?

Today, our Dallas matchmakers are going to show you the telltale warning signs you’re in a toxic relationship.

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1. Everything you do seems wrong.

You have a partner who is constantly criticizing everything you do and say in your relationship. It’s as if you’re never good enough for them. It’s like your efforts never meet their high expectations. You’re always made to feel like you have to keep doing more in order to please them. You’re always made to feel like you are mediocre and that you’re not doing enough for the relationship. This is a tactic to make you feel like you aren’t deserving of the love and affection your partner has for you.

2. The conversation revolves around them.

You have a selfish partner, someone who doesn’t care much about you or your needs. You are with someone who is only concerned about themselves and what they can get out of you.

3. You have more bad days than good ones.

Granted, all relationships go through difficult times. However, you should have some decent days in your relationship – more than decent, great ones. If you find that your relationship has more bad days than good ones, then that’s really not a good relationship for you. Ultimately, the positive always has to outweigh the negative. Otherwise, why would you want to be in this type of relationship? A relationship isn’t exactly easy, but it shouldn’t be a constant struggle either.

If you’re tired of being a toxic relationship and are looking for a quality partner to spend the rest of your life with, contact our Dallas matchmakers today and let us help you find true love.

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