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Relationships are very difficult. Some days, things are wonderful – and other days, you feel like your relationship could end anytime. Sometimes, you feel like you found your true soul mate – and other days, you find yourself wondering what you saw in them in the first place. However, setting your own feelings of indecision aside, do you ever find yourself obsessing over what your boyfriend is thinking? Wondering if he is truly happy with you and the relationship? Or if he wants to leave you for a better woman?

As professional matchmakers, we have a few things for you to consider. If you’re trying to figure out if he’s around for the long-haul or planning his exit, let our Dallas matchmakers show the signs he’s about to leave.

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1. He No Longer Talks About the Future Together

We know that most men don’t talk about the far-off future during the early stages of the relationship, since it’s brand new and they really don’t want to scare you off. However, the more comfortable you get in a relationship with him, the future randomly comes up in conversation because he thinks about it. And it usually comes out a lot if he is really happy with you. Though, when a guy is looking to leave, he won’t talk about the future at all. Or if he does, it doesn’t involve you. If he no longer talks about your future children or where your wedding is going to take place, he’s no longer thinking about those things with you. He’s thinking about a new life without you.

2. All You Do is Fight All the Time

When you were in the early stages of your relationship, fighting was cute because it reminded you of all those romantic movies you watched. But lately, all you have done is fight, and it isn’t cute like in the movies. You fight in the morning, fight in the afternoon, and fight before bed. Heck, you don’t even bother making up anymore – now you go to bed angry.

This is not a happy relationship, and you know it deep inside. But instead of breaking away from each other, you continue to make yourselves miserable. When a guy does this, he’s usually attempting to push you to make the move towards ending the relationship because he’s too coward to do it himself.

3. He Doesn’t Let You Use His Phone

Gone are the days of you casually calling someone from his phone or texting from it when your phone is dead. At the beginning of your relationship, he didn’t have his phone password protected because he had nothing to hide from you. And you, being a great girlfriend who prided herself on not being the jealous type, noticed and love that about him. But now? Now his phone is password protected, and he takes it with him everywhere he goes. The phone is basically locked down like Fort Knox.

4. He Goes Out Without You

You went out together when your relationship was new and fresh. You used to have maps of your favorite bars and your favorite romantic restaurants on speed dial if you needed to make reservation on a whim. Now, his best friend, Mike, and the other guys are way more important than you, and he’s constantly trading date night for nights out with the guys. Now poker night is three times a week. When a guy starts to hang out with the guys more than he hangs out with you, you are in trouble. When he doesn’t want you to be his “plus one” anymore, he believes that the relationship is over and is looking for his exit.

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