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Here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles, we know the hardest part of dating isn’t finding a date but rather getting through that first introduction. First dates can be nerve-wracking, especially for singles who have not dated in a while. Have you recently signed up with Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service? Are you getting ready for your first introduction? If you’re gearing up for your first date set up by one of our expert matchmakers, you’re going to want to read this. To help make your first date a success, and to increase the possibilities of hitting it off, our Dallas matchmakers have some great tips to follow to have a successful introduction.

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1. Keep it simple.

If you’re planning a first date with a woman you met through a matchmaker, you’re going to want to keep it simple. There is no need for an extravagant date or something that requires a lot of time; after all, neither of you know each other yet. Locking yourselves into a three hour date is not suggested. Plus, you don’t want to spend hundreds on a date when you don’t even know if the two of you are going to click. Our Dallas matchmakers suggest picking something more affordable, something comfortable and relaxed, and no longer than an hour or so. You can meet for coffee, go out for a quick bite at a local restaurant, or go for a stroll at a touristy attraction. This will give you a chance to see if there is chemistry before committing to something big.

Now, if things don’t go as you planned, you need to have a backup date in mind. Your main goal is to have a successful date, and if Plan A fails, you want to have a Plan B. You can also find a fun activity in town, such as miniature golfing, bowling, or live music. And if your date is interested, check it out. Some of the best first dates involve an activity, which provides a laidback and fun atmosphere to get to know each other. Plus, adding an activity to the date eliminates those awkward silences everyone is afraid of on a first date.

2. Show up with a smile on your face.

Whether it’s a first date set up by one of our Dallas matchmakers or a first date you found on your own, you never want to forget your best accessory, your big smile. If you want him or her to enjoy the time, you’re going to have to clear the tension early, which you can do by simply wearing your smile. Show up to the date with a smile on your face, walk in with confidence, and show them that you’re ready to have a good time.

When you greet them, make sure the first date conversation topic is light. It should be banter-free, nothing to do with politics, religion, or any other hot topic. Keeping the subject light will allow the two of you to talk in a comfortable and relaxed setting. This will make it easier for the two of you to get to know each other and have fun.

3. Ask proper questions.

Men, we know you don’t mean it, but you often get stuck asking the same boring questions. Don’t fall into the routine of bouncing from one question to another like you’re asking questions for a job interview.

Asking your date rehearsed questions will make for one boring first date. Rather than jumping from one routine question to another, why not ask some out of the ordinary questions, deeper questions that will allow you to get to know them? Find out where they’re from and what they think of their hometown. Don’t just ask what they do for a living but rather why that chose that career path. Find out where they see themselves five years from now and what they’ll have to do to get there. Questions like this will have your date opening up and you’ll get to know them on a deeper and more emotional level. If the two of you are sharing emotions, there is going to be a stronger connection.

4. Show your interest.

We’ve seen it a million time, daters who play it cool because they think that’s the proper approach in today’s dating world. However, our Dallas matchmakers know this doesn’t work. If you want your date to know you’re interested, you need to show that you are, in fact, interested.

How will your date know you’re interested if you’re acting aloof or playing hard to get?

If you’re into a date provided by our matchmakers, make sure you let them know you’re interested. Make eye contact, smile, respond and ask questions, and throw in some subtle touch. The trick with touch, though, is to keep it light. You can lightly touch their arm, back, hand, or knee to build sensual tension and spark a connection.

5. Don’t force them to like you.

One of the most important tips to remember in dating is that you cannot force someone to like you. If you’re going on an introduction provided by our personal matchmakers, there are obviously commonalities, which is why we paired you up, but don’t be overeager. Nothing kills interest faster than someone who is trying too hard or coming off as desperate. Instead of worrying about what your date thinks, we want you to focus on having a good time. Don’t go into the date with the wrong mentality. Take it as an opportunity to get to know someone new but don’t stress it out. If you relax and have fun, hopefully you hit it off and land a second date. Follow these expert tips from our Dallas matchmakers and we know you’ll end up with a second date.

If you’re not a client but want to start meeting like-minded singles in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact our expert matchmakers to reserve your complimentary, no-obligation consultation today.

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