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It’s that moment you’ve been waiting for.  You and this new guy have been dating for a few weeks, or months now.  And now that the holidays are here, he’s asked you to meet his family.  You’re excited and giddy, but you’re also really nervous, which is to be expected.  What will I wear?  Will they accept me? How do I behave around his family?  Yep, these questions are all probably running through your mind.

In our nearly three decades in the Texas dating industry, our Dallas matchmakers know that meeting the parents for the first time can be challenging.  But things take another turn when the first meet is during the holidays, an already stressful and chaotic time on its own.  Today, our upscale Dallas matchmakers will show you how to make a good first impression and what rules you must follow to make your first meet a success.

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Dress for Success

Dressing sexy might have been what caught his eye during the early stages, but when you’re meeting his family for the first time, you want to keep things classy, which means covering yourself up.  From your chest to your legs, you need to keep it classy.  Don’t wear plunging necklines or short skirts.  Wear pants or a knee length dress or skirt.  Remember, the whole point in the meeting is to showcase your wonderful personality, not your best assets—save that for your man.

Our Dallas matchmakers want you to find the balance between comfort, style, and class.  The last thing you want is to wear clothes that are uncomfortable or ones that you’ll be tugging on all night.  The occasion is already conservative since it is the holidays—it’s not a backyard BBQ or a pool party.  You might want to skip the jeans and wear slacks instead.  Remember that you’re trying to make a good impression on his parents and his other family members.

Also, try not to wear any loud accessories that make you look like a gypsy, such as large necklaces, bracelets, or hats.  But do add a nice accessory or two to your outfit, such as a nice bracelet or a charming necklace.

Give a Thoughtful Gift

It’s the thought that counts over the holidays, and you want to make yours count.  Remember that you’re meeting his family for the first time and there is nothing better than a ‘nice to meet you’ gift.  Skip the expensive bottles of wine and whiskey and imported chocolates from France.  You are just meeting them for the first time, so something small will do the job.  Our Dallas matchmakers want you to get a bit of information from your new boyfriend about what his parents like.

Stick to one gift for the whole family rather than buying an individual one for everyone; after all, you just started dating this guy and the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune this holiday.  Seriously, be conscious of how much you spend, you don’t want to make them feel uncomfortable.

Showing up with a one of a kind bottle of whiskey for dad or imported chocolates from France for mom might seem like you’re trying too hard or like you’re trying to buy their approval.  Simple and sweet will do the job here.

Show Interest

The most awkward moments of meeting the parents are the first few moments of conversation.  Instead of worrying about those uncomfortable silences, try to overcome them by asking questions about themselves; delve into what the family likes to do.  Be sure to ask mom and dad questions that can’t be answered with just a simple yes or no.  When they answer, follow up with more questions to show you’re interested in what they’re saying.

A little tip: you can prep yourself by asking your new boyfriend about what his parents like to do.  This will also get you familiar with the subject and show his parents you cared to do a bit of research.  For example, if mom likes gardening, then you can ask her about herbs, veggies, and so on.  If dad is into running or hiking, you can let him know you love run as well, or even let him know about that marathon you ran last month.  Find commonalities and go with them.

Go with the Flow

Okay, so maybe you’re not into football like dad, or maybe you don’t like baking like mom, but just go with the flow.  Remember you’re at their house, it’s their family and their rules.  Maybe they made a dish you do not like, and that’s okay.  His family will appreciate your efforts to try something new.  Plus, it shows them you’re the type of woman who goes with the flow.  Don’t stress and pinch your boyfriend or make things awkward or uncomfortable.  If you are relaxed, things will get much smoother.

Also, don’t talk about anything controversial like religion or politics.  The last thing you want is to get into a full blown debate over the dinner table.  If you hear dad say something you don’t like, acknowledge it, respect his opinions, and let it go.  A simple “I see your point” is better than “I don’t agree.”

Follow Things Up

Once you have survived the first family meeting over the holidays, it’s time to reinforce your positive first impression.  You can strengthen the bond you have with the family by following it up with a nice thank you card.  You want to thank mom and dad for a great meal and for inviting you over to join their family in their holiday celebrations.

Our Dallas matchmakers advise you to send a thank you within a week, using whatever form of communication you like the most.  It can be a text, an email, a card, or a letter.  For instance, a simple email letting them know you had a great time will be plenty.  But if you would like to handwrite it, then go ahead and send a snail mail letter.  You can even suggest doing a get together soon, maybe at your place this time.

Don’t let stress and anxiety ruin your meeting with his parents this holiday.  Follow these tips from our Dallas matchmakers and we’re confident you’ll make your first meet a success! Good luck and happy holidays from Dallas & Fort Worth Singles!

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