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Guys have a bad reputation for being shallow and only liking women who have specific physical traits or who behave in a certain way. But not all guys are looking for a woman with large breasts or a big behind. Believe it or not, these surprising things listed below are what most guys look for in a woman.

Today, the best Dallas matchmaking service, DFW Singles, reveals the top five qualities men look for in a woman. Take it from our Dallas matchmakers, men love and adore these surprising things.

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1. Looking a little bit older.

Sure, some guys only like women who are young and attractive, but there are a lot of guys out there who are attracted to women who look older. There’s even a little science behind this – basically, men whose mothers were over 30 when they gave birth tend to be more attracted to older looking women, especially when they’re looking for a meaningful relationship – men who are ready to settle down. In other words, you don’t need to book that appointment for Botox injections this week.

2. Smiling all the time.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a bombshell of a surprise, right? After all, who doesn’t appreciate a person who smiles a lot? Still, it’s a totally underrated trait. Men are often attracted to women who are having fun and enjoying themselves. A beautiful woman with sad or angry look on her face will never catch a guy.

If you want to attract a quality guy, make sure you’re always projecting a happy-go-lucky appearance. And if you’re in a relationship, be sure you keep the love and happiness alive by smiling and laughing with your man and bringing fun to everyday life.

3. Being open-minded.

A lot of men prefer to be with a woman who is curious and open to new things in life. It can be tough to have a conversation with someone who’s set in their ways and unwilling to try new things or unable to look at the world in a different way. We are sure women feel the same way about this one. Everyone wants someone who is open to trying new things.

4. Not wearing a lot of makeup.

We’re not trying to tell you to stop wearing makeup if that’s what you love to do, but it’s not always what guys like to see. Sometimes, going without makeup makes you seem like you’re comfortable with yourself. It gives guys the impression that you’re easygoing and not trying too hard to be someone you’re not. And we don’t have to tell you that men love a woman who is comfortable and confident in herself. Really, there’s nothing more attractive than that.

Also, keep in mind that men are impatient creatures who would prefer not to wait for a few hours while their partner is putting on makeup to get ready for a date.

5. Having an opinion.

This relates a little bit to being open-minded, though it’s not exactly the same thing. A woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind is sending the signal that she’s smart and secure in herself. This makes it easier to connect on a deeper level. Yes, there will be men who are superficial and will always place looks before intelligence, but most men will be attracted to a woman who’s willing to speak her mind, voice her opinion, and stand up for herself. If you have a stance on something, show it. Believe us, it screams “attractive.”

Ladies, if you’re struggling in the Dallas dating scene, perhaps you’re not displaying these very desirable qualities. Dating is supposed to be fun, so remember to smile, relax, be open-minded, and just have a good time. Guys are highly attracted to confident, fun-loving women who can introduce laughter to their day.

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