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You no longer have to pick off the petals of a flower to decipher whether he loves you or not.  Our Dallas matchmaking experts here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles have been around for nearly three decades and know the signs of true love.  If you’re unsure how he feels for you, don’t worry, our Dallas matchmaking service will show you exactly how to know how he feels.  Believe us, these are the ways men show they’re in love with a woman.  By the end of this article, you’ll know whether he loves you or not.

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1. He makes time to be with you.

A man that truly loves you will never be too busy for you.  Even if he has a busy schedule, he’ll always squeeze in time to be with you.  If he is busy that day, he’ll call you and let you know what’s going on.  He won’t think you’re a hassle to his life but will initiate dates that fit both of your schedules.  He will want to see you and spend quality time together, no matter how hectic his week is.  He will put other things aside, like spending time with his friends or long gym sessions, just so he can see you.

2. You catch him looking at you.

This is something he can’t help but to do.  After all, it’s human nature to look at things we like.  And you do it too, whether it’s checking out that model’s body you wish you had or gawking at the new Gucci purse that just hit the market.  If he loves you, you’ll catch him staring at you often, because he’s mesmerized by your beauty. 

3. He shares everything with you.

Most men are not good with communication… That is until they find the right woman.  After nearly three decades in the dating industry, our Dallas matchmaking service has seen many men fall in love.  We know that when a man falls in love, he’ll share everything with the woman who stole his heart.  If the man you’re seeing has started sharing with you, you’re a very lucky lady.  He may tell you about his day at work, his gym session, or deeper things, like his goals for the future.  He will have no problem sharing his deepest thoughts and secrets with you—even a tear here and there.  He wants you to be a part of his life and wants you to be informed of everything that is going on with him. 

4. He does nice things for you.

You already know he hates going shopping but still offers to go with you.  He does things regardless of how much he hates them, because he knows how much you like them.  He dislikes putting on a tuxedo, but he did it for you when you asked him to go to your best friend’s wedding.  Ladies, if a man does things he dislikes, it’s to please you.  Never forget to show him how much you appreciate these things.

5. He wants to impress you and those closest to you.

As your relationship gets comfortable and mature, your man may no longer try to impress you.  However, if a man is truly in love with you, he will never stop impressing you.  He will always dress to impress, he will behave in a polite way, and he will go out of his way to ensure you and those around you are happy.

6. He’s always tender with you.

Does your man give you a lot of hugs throughout the day?  Does he come out of nowhere and give you a kiss on the forehead?  Does he hold your hand for no reason?  If your man is doing sweet gestures like this, it’s because he loves you.  It’s no secret that when a man is in love that he just can’t keep his hands off the woman he cares for.

7. He cares about what you say. 

He doesn’t care that you called him during his lunch hour so you could complain about your boss, and he let you ramble on and on about your long wait at the dentist yesterday too.  He is always there, providing a listening ear for you to vent.  He isn’t just there during the bad times, he’s always there.  He comes to you when he’s had a bad day and asks for your advice.  He values what you say, he cares how you feel, and he always takes your thoughts and feelings into consideration. 

8. He makes positive changes.

Now, let’s be clear from the get-go here.  No one should change for anyone, especially when it comes to looks and personality.  But if something can be changed for the better, then it should be done.  If your boyfriend has a bad habit, such as smoking cigarettes or eating junk food, then he should make those changes so you can share a long and happy life together.  If your boyfriend has already done so, then it’s because he loves you.  He has changed his ways because he knows how much it means to you.

9. He loves showing you off.

A man who is head over heels for a woman will want the world to know that she is his special lady.  He will have no problem posting pictures of the two of you on Facebook, nor will he shy away from holding your hand in public.  He will have no qualms letting the world know you are his one and only.

10. He accepts you flaws and all.

The definition of love is accepting a person for who they are.  If he loves you, he will accept you, flaws and all.  He knows all your quirks and loves you regardless.  He knows you have a short temper and loves you either way. 

Ladies, love is much more than saying those three little words we know you love to hear.  If your man displays the signs our Dallas matchmaking service brought to you above, then he is truly in love with you.  So tell us, how many of these signs does your man display? 

Not meeting the right guys on your own?  Contact our Dallas matchmaking service today and let our expert matchmakers introduce you to the loving partner you desire and deserve!

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