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Does it bother you that your partner’s work crush is getting a little too close? Today, Dallas personal matchmakers will review the signs your partner is taking things too far.

Have you heard of the latest trend? It’s called the work wife and work husband. So what’s a work spouse you ask? It’s a theoretically platonic relationship where two colleagues connect and support each other, similarly to a husband and wife in real life. Now, the real question is should you be worried?

A work husband or wife is someone who can share the workload stresses, share ideas, give advice, and support your partner when they need it, so they could be great for lightening their load and brightening their work day. But what if he or she is someone who is very attractive? And why use such a phrase as work husband and work wife? Isn’t that just a little bit too much?

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Signs Your Partner Has a Platonic Partner at Work

One or two of the below mentioned things should not bother you; however, if you notice there are more than two, then you should start to worry. These signs, though not definite, might give you some insight to what your partner is doing at work and whether or not you should be worried.

If you have your suspicions your partner is misbehaving, this should clear it all up.

1. Your Partner Is Now Spending A Lot More Time at the Office

When we say a lot of time, we mean a lot of time. This is one of the things that might go unnoticed if your partner is a workaholic; however, if you start to notice that their schedule is all the sudden lengthening, it could mean they have something going on at the office.

It could be that their workload has increased, but maybe they’re spending a little more time with a work partner. And what that means for you is they’re choosing them over you all the time.

2. Their Phone Is Off Limits for You

Does your partner quickly pick up the phone the first second it rings? Has your partner installed certain apps to keep you locked out? If that’s the case, it’s because they’re trying to hide all communication from you. They know there is a lot of evidence in their phone and the last thing they want if for you to find it.

Another way your partner might be trying to hide things from you is by having their text messages or phone on mute so you don’t know when it rings or when a text or email comes in.

3. Your Partner Has Inside Jokes with Them

A lot of times a joke is just a joke, but sometimes, “It’s just a joke” is an easy way to write things off so you don’t know what’s going on. It also means they don’t consider you to be important enough to know what they think is funny. We don’t want you to buy into this “It’s just a joke” thing so quickly if it’s coming up all the time. You should ask for an explanation. And if you don’t get it, then that’s fine, you don’t get the joke, but at least you know what everything is about.

4. Your Partner Goes on a Lot of Lunches with Them

The whole point of having a work spouse is to have someone by your side whenever you’re facing a stressful situation, someone you can vent to, someone that understands you, so taking a lunch with them on occasion is acceptable. But the problem arises when all your partner’s lunches are spent with them. Don’t they spend enough time together during their work hours? Why are they invaded your partner’s lunchtime now too? We think your partner has some explaining to do.

5. Your Partner Will Not Introduce You to Them

This is a major red flag of a cheating partner. Whenever someone refuses to introduce their partner to someone at work, something is fishy. When someone is attracted to someone they want to show their best side, they want to keep the act going, and that means your partner doesn’t want you to see them acting the way they do around this person on a daily basis. In short, you might catch a different side of your partner that you never knew existed and they would have some major explaining to do.

6. Your Partner Doesn’t Mention You on Social Media

A lot of people don’t use Facebook or Twitter, and that’s not bad, but if you notice that your partner’s recent social media activity has changed, you may need to be worried. Did your partner stop accepting tagged photos? Have they untagged themselves from all pictures and given you an elaborate lie as to why? Have they changed the way they write things? Example: Instead of saying “Out to eat with my girlfriend (or boyfriend),” now it just says, “Out to eat.” If this sounds familiar, they’re up to something.

This is extremely common when people are starting an outside relationship. Your partner could be telling this coworker the relationship with you is failing; therefore, they don’t put anything about you up anymore.

7. They Have Their Own Group of Friends

Your partner is going out with this coworker and they’re not including you. Usually, they tell you it’s because they’re going out with work people. Now, it’s on you to find out if this is true.

It is completely acceptable for a partner to go out with their own friends, and coworkers for that matter too, but if it’s becoming more frequent, then you have some digging to do.

8. Your Partner Is Showing a Lot of Interest in This Coworker’s Life

Is your partner’s coworker facing a troublesome divorce? Are they dealing with problems with children? Are they facing a lot of debt? This is a sign the relationship has gone to a different level, because now they’re showing personal details with each other. This coworker is sharing very personal details with your partner. They are both now emotionally invested in each other, and you need to be worried.

Though the relationship your partner has with this coworker might only be platonic, you still need to check for the tell-tale signs of a romantic work relationship. We advise you to give your partner the benefit of the doubt, but don’t just brush it off altogether. Many work relationships have started off as friends and quickly turned into much more.

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