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Men adore women, they really do. But when they truly decide their ready to make a commitment with one specific woman, they are looking for specific traits. Today, our Dallas professional matchmaking service will show you what men really look for in a woman to settle down with.

All men might be different, but they all have a similar attitude when they approach dating. Men love the wild girls when they are single, but when they are looking to settle down, the wild party girl is nowhere in the picture.

When men are looking to take a woman home to their parents, they want her to be polite and respectful. Of course you should never change who you are to impress a man, but you should be aware of what they want in a lifelong partner. Once you know, you’ll be able to better understand what men want in a woman and a girlfriend. Today, our Dallas professional matchmaking service will show you the top ten traits men desire in a woman.


1. Honesty

The fear of getting cheated on can destroy even the healthiest of relationships. When a man decides to put his single days behind him and is looking forward to settling down, he will do it with a woman he trusts. Every man wants a girlfriend he is able to trust, and this means if he is not confident in you being faithful to him, he will never pursue a serious relationship with you. Trust is very important for men.

2. Maturity

Men detest the games played by many women. They don’t want to settle down with a woman who is always gossiping behind their friends’ backs or one who throws a pity party when things don’t go her way. They don’t want to be with a girlfriend who reminds them of a child. Men already have their own problems, and the last thing they want to do is have to take care of yours too.

3. Passion in Life

Men love passionate women. If you are dedicated to your yoga lessons or volunteer work, he’ll find you very appealing. Of course passion is also important when it comes to their bedroom. Men want a woman who is sexual, just like they are.

4. Reliability

Whether he needs someone to vent to or someone to be there for him when he needs it, reliability is an essential component to a successful relationship. Your partner is supposed to be the first person you go to when you have good or bad news, so he wants to be able to rely on you. If he can’t rely on you, he will find a woman who will provide him with the reliability he needs.

5. Attractiveness

Men love a woman who looks beautiful; however, if you’re insecure about your looks, don’t freak out here. Every single person out there has their own definition about what beautiful is. Have you ever seen your friends get turned on by a specific man you normally wouldn’t go for? Well, there you have it. Some men think a Plain Jane is beautiful while others do not.

6. Friendliness

When a man decides to settle down with a woman, he’ll want his friends and family to approve of her as well. If she is friendly with anyone she meets, then he doesn’t have to worry about a thing. A man loves knowing she will fit right in because everyone will know that she is a good person inside and out. That is why men look for women who can get along with everyone.

7. Sense of Humor

Men love a woman who is able to laugh at their jokes but also be the ones to crack some jokes of their own. They don’t want a woman who gets offended easily or yells at just about anything that happens. If your man is able to play with you and have an easygoing time with you, he will want you as his woman.

8. Spontaneity

Our Dallas professional matchmaking service knows relationships get boring quickly, especially when you fall into a routine. This is why men love dating women who are spontaneous and go with the flow. This shows him you’re able to have a good time and are not afraid to explore new things. Plus, things won’t get boring over time when you’re always down to try new adventures together. Don’t be afraid to say yes to that spontaneous road trip on Saturday morning.

9. Intelligence

You don’t have to be the smartest one in your graduating class, you just need to be able to hold a smart conversation that doesn’t involve The Kardashians or Snooki. Men love a woman who is well-rounded, so don’t hold back if you know interesting topics. He will fall for you in no time.

10. Determination

Even if he comes from a traditional background, he doesn’t want to be the one to take care of you for the rest of your life. That doesn’t mean you need to go search for a high paying job per se, because as long as you’re putting in hard work at your job and do your fair share of things around the house, your boyfriend will be happy to have you as his girlfriend. The more determined and passionate you are, the more he will fall for you.

You shouldn’t change the way you are to please a man, but you do need to be aware of all the things men look for in a woman so you can improve your chances of landing the right man in your life. Even if you think some of these traits are silly, you should respect a man’s opinion. It’s the only way to keep peace, and the only way for you to land a man is to have the qualities he’s looking for.

If you’re looking to meet relationship-minded men in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, contact our matchmaking professionals today and let us be the ones to introduce you!

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