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Settling is horrible, depressing and tiresome. Few people would suggest outright that you should settle for less than you deserve, especially in a relationship.

But the pressure to settle can be very real for some, even it if is not communicated directly. People who are single and have been for a long time are sometimes urged to lower their standards. Singles are also likely to face social stigmas due to their single status.

From our early days, we learn our worth is tied to our ability to find a partner; that marriage marks the passage into our adulthood and is our most important relationship; and that we are not complete until we find our life partner. And there’s the issue of our biological clock, an imperative which also effects men.

It’s no wonder that many people feel the need to settle for whatever comes their way.

If you have ever found yourself thinking about settling in a relationship, DON’T.

Let our matchmakers show you why you should never settle for less than you deserve.

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1. It can leave you seriously unhappy.

Settling can not only make you resent your partner, but it can also make you very unhappy. Particularly if you’re by nature a passionate person who turns their emotions into logic, any relationship that you have needs to be an honest one. While some personalities are much more practical and can truly find happiness in comfort, even if there’s no real love, many people need a real connection that actually is meaningful.

If you feel unhappy all the time in your relationship it can lead to serious issues for you, like depression and other problems. If you’re the type of person who is searching for true love, settling will never for work for you.

2. It hurts your self-esteem.

People think different about this one, but it seems to us that settling in a relationship you don’t actually feel strongly about can affect your self-esteem. It might seem opposite because some people instantly feel better about themselves if they are in a relationship, no matter who it is. But in reality, agreeing to settle for less than you deserve is essentially confirming that you don’t think you can do anything better than that, so you are willing to accept less.

Of course, settling doesn’t mean you saddle yourself with a deadbeat who’s abusive. You could be settling with someone who’s a very nice person, who has a real job and who’s average looking, simply because you don’t actually have real feelings for them or because you want something different. But even with someone who looks like the perfect partner on paper, denying yourself what you want isn’t how you gain good self-esteem.

3. It will hurt to see other people happy.

This is definitely more relevant today since social media rules our world. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow couples to show off their perfect relationship, which can leave anyone feeling sad and depressed about their own. And it hurts even more when you already have a complex about happy couples because you know you are not happy in your relationship.

A couple posting their latest couple’s photo hugging or kissing on Instagram definitely doesn’t mean they’re actually happy, but it’s hard to remember that when you are being bombarded with their photos all day long. Social media has been known to lead to low self-esteem anyway, but that effect is even worse when you’re already settling in a relationship.

4. It encourages a fear to be single.

Since many people settle in the first place because they don’t want to be alone, it’s fair to say that settling can encourage a fear of being single. The only way to conquer that fear is to face it head on, so It’s pretty hard to get used to being alone if you always end up settling in meaningless relationships.

And by the way, of all the irrational fears out there, the fear of being alone is perhaps one of the worst ones. If you’re the type of person who would rather not be alone, you open yourself up to a lot of bad relationships. Those who are afraid of being single are more likely to tolerate bad partners and unhealthy relationships, simply because of the fear of being alone.

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