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Everyone argues, brand new couples and seasoned couples alike. We all argue; it’s just the way life is. Fighting can be done by yelling, talking, or giving each other the silent treatment. But for new couples, arguing can be a horrifying experience. Are you handling your arguments properly in your relationship?

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Things to Keep in Mind When Arguing

When you know an argument is about to come on, our Dallas upscale matchmakers have some helpful tips for you to keep in mind.

1. Arguing doesn’t mean a breakup.

Arguing with your partner doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed for failure. In fact, arguing is healthy when done right. Both parties in a mature relationship should always get everything out of their system. You love each other through thick and thin, which is a comforting thought to know.

Having an argument doesn’t mean your relationship is headed for a breakup, unless that’s where it’s headed. Empty threats won’t do any good, and while they might feel good at the moment, you’re only hurting yourself and your relationship in the end.

2. Watch your mouth because words can hurt.

Arguing can get you very angry, sometimes very quickly. If you are the type of person who gets very angry over little things, one whose hands begin to shake or whose uses bad words to hurt your partner, then you need to keep this in mind: What you say to your partner can leave them with a scar. No matter how much apologizing you do to your partner, some words can never be taken back.

It’s certainly easier said than done, but we want you to remember this tip the next time an argument arises. Keep in mind that your partner is someone you love so the last thing you want to do is hurt them.

3. Fighting is completely normal.

One of the hardest things to do when arguing with your partner is understand that fighting and arguments happen to everyone. While it might not seem like it at the moment, remind yourself that all couples get into arguments, and as long as you don’t take it into a real fight, everything will be fine.

Not only are arguments healthy, but our Dallas upscale matchmakers know they also lead to better communication in your relationship. Couples who argue are able to solve conflict easily compared to those who never argue. Many couples keep their feelings bottled up, causing them to explode down the road.

4. You’ve had worse experiences before.

No matter how bad the argument seems, it’s likely that you’ve had worse in the past. Use your current situation as an opportunity to make your relationship better and stronger.

5. Take a timeout.

Whether you start yelling, using sarcastic remarks, or arguing to the point of exhaustion, you’re bound to get tired. What our Dallas upscale matchmakers advise you to do is take five minutes away from your partner to calm yourself down. If you take some time away, it will calm you down and change your mood. So the next time you’re arguing with your partner, simply take five and change the scenery up a bit.

6. Take the first step.

Okay, so you don’t agree with your boyfriend’s purchases, or maybe she went out with her friends and didn’t tell you, but guess what? It has to end sometime. Do you want to be right or do you want to be in a happy relationship with the person you love? Someone has to be the one to make amends, so be the first one and take the lead for solving things.

7. Own up if it was your fault.

One of the hardest things to do, especially in the middle of an argument, is apologize for doing something wrong. If you are responsible for the argument at hand, own up to your mistake. You might find that soon after apologizing for your wrong doing, your partner will follow suit. Try to apologize in a calm manner and say you’re sorry for whatever it is you did. This will prevent the argument from getting out of hand.

Put your big boy (or girl) pants on and admit that you’ve done something wrong. Believe it or not, sometimes all it takes is a genuine apology to calm the argument and settle things down.

8. Always make up after the argument.

As angry as you might feel, or as bitter as you might be at the moment, our Dallas upscale matchmakers advise you to make up after the argument. Walk up to your partner and give them a hug. You don’t even have to say a word if you don’t want. Just remember how much you love them and how happy you are to have them in your life. After all, fights are inevitable for all relationships, but that doesn’t mean you need to forget how much you love one another. Don’t let a stupid fight ruin your relationship, handle it the right way.

Arguments suck, but as long as you keep these helpful tips in mind the next time you and your partner get into it, you’ll be able to improve your communication, strengthen your bond, and solve the problem at hand. As we mentioned before, fighting doesn’t mean the end of your relationship; it’s just a small disagreement between two people. Arguments are going to happen in every relationship; it’s how you handle them that makes all the difference.

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