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Communication and trust are two essential ingredients to a successful relationship. And as a couple, the two of you should be able to discuss everything openly, discussing things like how your day went, your fears, your past, and goals for the future. But should that always be the case?

While you might have come to a point in your relationship where you’re comfortable telling each other everything, there are some things that would be better kept to yourself.

Just like there are some things you should never post on social media, there are a few things you should never blurt out to your girlfriend. These things could change the way she looks at you or change the relationship altogether.

Today, our Dallas upscale matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles will show you the top things you should never say to your girlfriend to keep the relationship happy and healthy.

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Things to Never Share with Your Girlfriend

So before you get yourself in trouble, review these 14 things you should never share with your girlfriend.

1. She Messed Up the Meal

Avoid finding in fault in anything she does for you, especially when she’s made a mistake. Whether she put too much salt or overcooked it, she has prepared your favorite meal and went out of her way to do it, so don’t go pointing fingers and making her feel bad. Instead, show your appreciation for the hard work she’s put into it and thank her.

2. Her Mother Is Nosy

Her mother might be an irritating lady, and even if she doesn’t like you, not even on your best behavior, you never want to speak negatively about her or anyone else in her family. It doesn’t matter how you feel, you should always keep your negative thoughts about her family to yourself.

3. You Cheated on an Ex-Girlfriend

Okay, so you were an idiot in the past and made some mistakes. But now you have a girlfriend and things are going great and you don’t want to screw them up. Don’t bring up your past and all the mistakes you made in previous relationships. And if you feel compelled to tell her that you cheated in the past, realize that it will cause her to doubt your fidelity now.

4. We Used to Frequent This Place

Another big no-no is sharing all the small details of your previous relationships. Even if she asks you, it’s a ploy—don’t answer. Don’t tell her that you used to frequent a certain restaurant with your ex and don’t blurt out that her favorite coffee was your ex’s favorite too. Our Dallas upscale matchmakers never advise you to make comparisons to your past relationships.

5. Mike Is Cheating on Sarah

It’s common for many couples to discuss the latest gossip, especially in regards to their friends. Nowadays, many men are just as gossipy as women. But it’s never acceptable to share things about a friend of yours, especially things you know you should. For example, how he’s cheating on his wife or how he’s planning on breaking up with his girlfriend. Your girlfriend will not like your friends if you’re dishing out all the dirty, and know that she will never want you hanging out with them again.

6. I Need My Mom

Women like their men to be independent and capable of handling everything on your own. When you tell your girlfriend that you need your mommy, it will drastically change the way she looks at you. Although almost every adult man relies on his parents for something, you don’t want to go around saying it to your girlfriend.

7. I’m Scared Too

While it’s nice to be open about your fears, try not to dabble too much into them. When your girlfriend tells you that she’s afraid of spiders, don’t say that you’re scared too. She is telling you her fears because she wants you to be her protector. She wants to know you can come to her rescue when needed.

8. My Ex Picked That

So your girlfriend comes over to your place regularly, but the last thing she wants to know is that all your décor was picked by your ex. Though you don’t have to get rid of all your expensive furniture, you don’t want to tell her that your ex is the one who picked it out and decorated for you.

9. Your Movements

We’re talking about your bathroom habits. Your girlfriend is not your fraternity brother, so it’s not appropriate to discuss your bathroom habits with her. While you might be proud of your regular schedule, she doesn’t need to know about it.

10. You Spend Hundreds on Clothes

One of the worst things you can tell your girlfriend is that you spend most of your money on clothes, gadgets, or eating out. Women want to be a man who knows how to budget his money, not a boy who is buying so many clothes and gadgets that he’s maxing out his credit cards.

11. You Watch Porn

It’s no secret that men watch porn, and while no one is telling you can’t, you don’t want to discuss it with your girlfriend. She’ll end up thinking she doesn’t satisfy you—or worse, that you have a porn addiction.

12. You’ve Been with So Many Women

Even if you’re proud to have slept with a lot of women, you should never tell your girlfriend about your number. It might be okay to brag to your male friends, but never to your girlfriend.

13. You Don’t Like Her Hairstyle

Many women are very insecure about their hair; after all, it’s one of the first things everyone notices. If she comes home with a new haircut or color, never blurt out that you don’t like it. Nothing will send her into a panic quicker!

14. That You’re Right

No matter how much you want to scream that you’re right, it will insult your girlfriend. You might have been right all along, but it’s better to keep that to yourself rather than saying, “I told you so.”

Some truths can be brutal and cause unnecessary stress on a relationship, and some things are better left unsaid to save yourself future stress.

Are you single and searching with no luck on your own? Contact our Dallas upscale matchmakers and let us introduce you to quality single women in Dallas & Fort Worth.

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