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It’s no secret that women throw their common sense out the window when they fall head over heels for a guy.  Even if know they’re no good, they still go for them.  They are guided by chemistry and pleasure, which makes them do things they shouldn’t do.  The problem is, if it didn’t work out the first time, chances are it’s not going to work out again.  Our Dallas matchmakers want to help you avoid dating the wrong guys in the overwhelming dating scene.

Just because he shows up to your door and begs for forgiveness doesn’t mean you should give it to him.  Many women dating in Dallas fall for the bad boy type and completely throw caution to the wind.  But if it happened once, twice, it’s going to happen again.

If you are looking for love in Dallas, then you need to remember these helpful tips from our matchmakers to avoid getting fooled again.

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Questions to Ask Yourself So You Don’t Get Fooled

Whatever it is you see in him, it’s not worth getting your heart broken, cheated on, or just plain treated like crap.  Before you believe his tears, check out what our Dallas matchmakers have in store for you so you don’t get fooled again.  The following questions must be asked so you don’t get your heart broken one more time.  It’s time to let us help you start dating smart!

1. What did you think when you first met him?

When you first met this guy, did you believe you were the luckiest woman in the world?  Many men know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to reeling you in.  They know how to treat a woman right to get what they want.  Players especially know every trick in the book and do whatever it takes to get you.

Another thing to ask yourself is if he makes you feel like he’s better than you.  If that’s the case, he’s a narcissist—red flag.  This isn’t the type of man to be in a relationship with; he’ll never be able to love you.

2. Did he lie to you?

The key to a long lasting relationship is honesty and trust.  If he has already lied to you several times, what do you think is going to happen down the road?  You can’t have a relationship based on lies.  If he hasn’t been honest with you, he’ll only get worse.  He is always going to leave you wondering if he’s telling you the truth.  And believe us, having a relationship like that will never work.  Honesty is one of the key elements to a happy relationship.

3. Did he already cheat?

Okay, we’re firm believers that once a cheater always a cheater.  If he has already cheated on you, then chances are he’s going to do it again.  A man who cheats on you is showing you that you don’t mean much to him.  If an opportunity presents itself, he’ll probably do it again.  Unfortunately, the truth is, a leopard doesn’t change his spots.  If he cheated on you and destroyed your heart, he has the capacity to do it again.  Of course many men will beg for forgiveness, but can you really forgive and forget?  Our Dallas matchmakers know you deserve better—you deserve a man who will never treat you that way.

4. Did he date someone after you?

Did he date another woman right after he broke up with you?  Did he only take a few days to grieve and quickly move on?  If a man doesn’t take time out of dating, it’s clear you meant nothing to him, which is why he quickly bounced back.

When it doesn’t work out with you next time, he’ll bounce back into dating once again.  Of course there is no definitive timeframe someone needs to take away from dating after they have broken up with someone, but dating after a few days show you he is just a player.

5. How do your friends talk about him?

If you noticed that your closest friends or family members pass comments like, “I always hated that guy” or “He rubbed me the wrong way,” it’s probably because they see something you don’t.  You were blinded by infatuation and did not see his bad traits.  But our expert matchmakers want you to listen to your family and friends, at least hear them out.  Those who are closest to you always have your best interest in mind, and if they dislike your boyfriend, it’s for a reason.

6. How quickly did he change his relationship status on Facebook?

If he immediately changed his relationship status the second you broke up, it’s clear he wants to make himself available for other women.  He was obviously not fazed by your broken heart and immediately jumped back into dating in Dallas again to see who else was out there.  It’s okay to get back on the horse, but it should take a little time.

7. Do you find yourself smiling more now? 

There are always going to be times when you miss someone you dated, but if after the initial shock wears off you suddenly find yourself smiling more than ever, then it’s clear this is not the right guy for you.  You’re always going to move on from a broken heart, but if you notice that you feel better than ever, then this relationship was never meant to be.  He might have done you a favor by letting you go.

Dating in Dallas doesn’t have to be a nightmare, although the players do make it frustrating for many single women in Dallas.  If you are tired of getting fooled in the dating scene, contact our professional matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles so we can assist you with your search.

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