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Breakups will never be easy, no matter who you are and or what you do.  Here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles, we know they’re even more difficult to carry out when you live with someone.  But relationships just don’t work out sometimes and you need to part ways with your significant other.

If you have reached a point where you know the relationship is over, then you only have one option, which is to end the relationship.

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How to Break Up with a Live-in Partner

Not every breakup needs to end with someone’s belongings set on fire or rage-fueled fighting match where the cops are called.  Although those breakups are funny to watch on Jerry Springer, they’re no fun to live through in real life.  Today, our elite Dallas matchmakers will show you how to keep the peace during your breakup.

1. Don’t Pack Up All Your Stuff

Packing up all your belongings before you’ve had the talk is the wrong approach for the breakup.  What if they come home early from work and notice that all your belongings are packed and ready to go?

This will only induce anger and confusion, which could lead to a huge fight.  No one wants to see their partner disappear on them, so the mature thing to do is sit down and have a calm conversation with them about parting ways.  Will they be hurt?  Absolutely.  But it’s better than packing up all your stuff and sneaking out of the house without telling them.

2. Don’t Get into an Argument When Breaking Up

For some reason, people think it’s better to break up in the midst of a huge argument.  Don’t use a screaming match as your chance to cut ties.  First, this is the wrong approach.  Second, you don’t want to hastily break up during an argument.  You need to have a mature conversation with them without screaming, yelling, or throwing tantrums.  Our elite Dallas matchmakers encourage you to calmly let them know you want to go your separate ways.

3. Have the Talk in Person

You can’t break up with someone you live with via text, social media, or even email.  This is very immature, and the person you live with deserves more than that.  They need a face-to-face conversation with you and an explanation of why you’re parting ways.

4. Have a Plan in Mind

You can’t just break up with someone and go live on the street.  You must have a post-breakup plan in mind.  Talk to a friend or family member and let them know what’s going to happen and see if they can lend you a hand with a place to stay for a few days or until you find your own place.  The last thing you want to do is break up with your partner and have to beg them to stay at their place.

5. Be Respectful of Their Belongings

Breakups never go as planned, meaning things can get out of hand in the blink of an eye.  This is especially true with all the furniture and belongings in the house.  It can be tempting to destroy something you bought together just so your ex isn’t able to keep it.  But remember that this is spiteful and immature behavior.  Our elite Dallas matchmakers want you to be respectful of their stuff and let them keep things you know you don’t want or can’t take with you.

6. Be Respectful of Their Space

Don’t follow them around the house looking to see who is getting what.  Your ex needs to figure out what they’re going to take before one of you moves out.  Be respectful while they are gathering their things and figuring out their next move and encourage them to be the same way with you.

7. Let Things Cool Off Before Dividing Assets

It might be tempting to dive right into the “who is getting what” thing because you want to find out who is keeping the bed, the kitchen appliances, and the living room set.  But believe us, right after the breakup is not the right time to do so.  You need to give it a day or two for things to cool down before you have this important conversation.  Give yourselves a few days to settle down so you can have a civil and peaceful conversation about dividing the assets.

8. Get Help If You Feel You Need It

If you are breaking up with someone because they act irrationally and fear something could happen to you in the midst of the breakup, then get support from friends and family.  It’s okay to go to them for support during this difficult time.  Not only will they help you avoid a fight, but they can provide you moral support and help you move things from the house.

9. Stand Your Ground

You finally decided to break things off and there is no going back.  It doesn’t matter if your ex begs you for forgiveness or wants to give things another chance.  If you have made up your mind, now you have to go forward with it.  This is especially true if they have committed the same mistake many times and you have given them many chances before.

10. Try to Get Everything in One Move

Once you finally get all your belongings packed and are ready to move out, our elite Dallas matchmakers want you to try to get it all in one move.  This will limit the contact with your ex and prevent an argument or wanted reconciliation.  If they keep seeing you come back to the house, they could get irritated and angry with you and cause a fight.  On the other hand, seeing you gather your things could make them try to work things out.  Do what you can to get all your stuff in one trip.

Knowing how to break up with someone you live with can make the difference between a smooth breakup and a difficult one.  Follow this helpful advice from our elite Dallas matchmakers to make this emotional situation go as smooth as possible.  We wish you the best of luck moving forward with your life.

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