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We know that a lot of single men in Dallas don’t believe that good women still exist.  But as the leading matchmakers in Dallas & Fort Worth, we know they do. Believe it or not, there are thousands of single women in Dallas looking for love—just like you.  They are out there screaming for attention and wishing to attract a good man, just like you want to find a wonderful woman.  Single women today have come to terms with being single and are totally okay with their single status, but just because they are okay with being single doesn’t mean they don’t wish to find true love.

Today, we’re going to show you what single women in Dallas occasionally wish for.

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1. For Prince Charming to Ride in on a White Horse

It’s not that women today want a man to come save them, because single women in Dallas are very capable of doing everything themselves.  However, this doesn’t stop them from wishing that Prince Charming would ride into their lives.  Some women believe that Prince Charming still exists and is out there riding his white horse.  So despite being hurt many times, that doesn’t stop them from wishing to find the one.  Women want to win this dating game and want their prince in shining armor to come find them.

2. For People to Stop Asking Why They’re Still Single

There are many single women in Dallas who can’t escape the question of why they’re still single today, as if there was something wrong with them.  Women aren’t defined by their relationship status, so this question is very offending.  As the leading matchmakers in Dallas, we know that just because a woman is single doesn’t mean there is something wrong.  On the contrary, it means she has standards and isn’t willing to settle for a man who doesn’t fit them.

3. For Men to Be Honest About Their Intentions

The modern dating scene is very difficult to navigate.  Single women in Dallas have a hard time deciphering a man’s true intentions today.  Some men play the game so well that they can fool women into believing they’re interested when all they want is sex.  Women wish they could tell a man’s true intentions from the beginning so they didn’t have to waste their precious time dating Mr. Wrong.

4. For Heartaches Not to Hurt So Badly

Many single women in Dallas have survived a few painful heartbreaks in life.  Falling in love and being played can take a major toll on a woman, especially if it happens many times.  Women know that finding love is a numbers game, but they still wish that the heartaches they encountered along the way wouldn’t hurt so badly.

5. For the Ability to Move on Quickly

Women know that they’re bound to get their heart broken along the way, and they have come to terms with this unfortunate factor.  However, they do wish for a fast recovery.  Some women spend several months trying to heal from a breakup and put the pieces of the heart back together, while others are damaged for much longer.

6. For Players to Stop Playing

Women are sick and tired of coming across players in the dating scene and wish karma would come back full force.  Every woman wishes for the men who hurt them to get what they deserve and endure the same heartbreak they did.  Players never seem to get hurt while good women end up with the short end of the stick time and time again.

7. For Their Soul Mate to Come into Their Life

Women want to believe that soul mates really do exist.  While a woman might be happy with her single status, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t wish to have a partner by her side.  No one wants to go through life alone.  Every woman wants someone special to share her life with.

8. For Men to Stop Judging So Quickly

Good women put their hearts on the line when they date; after all, that’s the only way to find love.  But how are they repaid?  By getting played.  Men stomp all over them, calling them overly emotionally when she wants to get serious.  It is not fair for a woman to be labeled emotional when they care and show their feelings.  Women just want to be loved, is that so much to ask?

9. For Love Not to Cost So Much

Women know there is a huge risk factor in the dating game, and they know they will have to kiss many frogs before finding their prince.  However, what they do not want is for their heart to be shattered into a million pieces, time and time again.  Women put their hearts out on the line only to reel in more heartache.  Women secretly wish that love didn’t come at such a high price, and that there was a way to soften the blow of painful heartaches.

10. For Their Single Life to Be as Simple as a Man’s

Single men are called bachelors, and they’re admired for their independence and ability to live life by their own rules.  But single women are only labeled lonely and desperate.  We’re led to believe that being single as a woman means there is something wrong.  Men, on the other hand, are respected, admired, and never looked down upon.  Why is this?

11. For Love Not to Take So Long

Why does it take so long to find love today?  The Dallas dating scene has definitely changed in recent years.  Women spend a lot of time putting themselves out there and making themselves available, but no matter how hard they try, they still can’t find love.  Women have tried conventional ways of dating, looked online, tried dating apps on smartphones and everything in between.  But nothing seems to work.  Single women in Dallas secretly wish that love would just come find them already.

If you’re single and searching for love in Dallas, contact the leading matchmaking service in Dallas-Fort Worth and let us help you find the one.  Fill out the private form at the top of this page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation today!

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