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We can’t help who we fall in love with, and we can’t help if we like more than just one person at the same time. As much as you want to find your perfect person, sometimes one person doesn’t have everything you want.

Sometimes, the traits you want in one person can seem different in someone else. Our Fort Worth matchmakers know that’s why it takes a long time to find a truly compatible partner in today’s society.

When you find someone who seems to be perfect, you can still discover there are some things about them that you just aren’t sure about. Although going on dates with different people can lead to finding the one, sometimes it leads to confusion. So what do you do if you find two candidates that truly intrigue you?

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Fort Worth Dating Advice | The Facts about Liking Two Different People

Attraction is a hard concept to analyze. Let our Fort Worth matchmakers break it down for you so you know what it’s like to date two different people at the same time.

1. It Is Not a Crime

When you are dating two people at the same time, and you agree to be exclusive with both of them, that’s when it becomes a crime. Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with being intrigued by two different people in the dating world. But know that you’ll have to choose sooner or later; you cannot string them both along.

2. You’ll Begin to Make Comparisons

When you begin searching for things that are wrong with either of them, you’ll start making comparisons to see which one is the best one.

3. You’ll Seek Both of Their Attention

Because you are not fully committed to either of them, you’ll seek both of their attention.

4. You’ll Be Confused about What You Want in a Partner

It is confusing to like two people who are completely different. And it can make you wonder what you really want in a partner.

5. You’ll Want the Other When You’re Facing Problems with One

This sort of behavior often leads to cheating.

Despite the potential problems that come along with liking two different people at the same time, you are not committed to either of them and you can make your choice. Having choices means you can make the right decision about who you want for a long term partner. By taking your time, you’ll figure out what partner makes you happier in the end so you can let the other one go.

Fort Worth Dating Advice | Why You Need to Pick One

Being attracted to two people and having them feel the same for you might seem flattering, but from our matchmaking experience, we know you need to pick one so no one gets hurt in this situation. If you are unsure which one to pick, this helpful Fort Worth dating advice should make it easier.

1. Can you really be happy if you don’t make a decision?

If the answer is yes, then you’re doing it wrong. If you never plan on choosing because you think you can handle the situation, then you’re not being an open and honest person.

Dating two people at the same time, and going out with them exclusively, is not acceptable. Sooner or later, the truth will come out and hearts will be broken.

2. What’s preventing you from choosing?

Are you afraid to lose one of them forever? Are you scared you’re going to make the wrong choice? Do you think you’re being fair to both of them? Do you want them both no matter what?

You need to keep in mind that your decision will affect everyone, not just you. You can hurt three people here, so you have to think it through and figure out who makes you happiest.

3. Are they happy with the situation?

When all you can do is think about how your decision will affect your life, you will begin to forget that there are others involved in the picture. Have you considered them? What if they’re tired of waiting for a response from you?

If you’re dating both of them at the same time, do you think they’re happy about it? Do they even know about it? Imagine what is going to happen when they find out they’re being treated like an option.

4. Can you let go of one of them?

It is difficult for a relationship to be successful when one partner isn’t fully investing in it. Neither of them are going to be happy in a relationship with you when they find out they were being exclusive with you, while you, on the other hand, were not being faithful to them.

When you continue to have a relationship with two people, you’ll end up causing a lot of conflict and jealousy. But if you take our Fort Worth dating advice and choose one partner, you could be gaining your life partner. Sure, you might miss spending time with the one you let go, but if you make the right choice, the one you choose will make you happier in the long run.

5. Don’t you want to see them happy?

Are you too selfish to let go of one of them? You need to ask yourself if their happiness is as important as yours.

Think carefully about what you want to do here. Do you want to be that unfaithful person who leads two different people on? Don’t you want to be that person who is strong enough to let go of someone to prevent further damage from occurring?

If you’re having troubles choosing between these two people, assess your relationship with both of them. Sit down and think it through. Who has the qualities you desire in a long term partner? Good luck and happy dating!

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