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You check in with him throughout the day, text him all the time, always let him know your whereabouts, and expect him to do the same thing with you. Is this good dating behavior? Absolutely not. Checking in with your partner occasionally is one thing, but demanding to know his whereabouts 24 hours a day is needy and clingy behavior. Instead of your boyfriend feeling flattered by all of your attention, being clingy will have the opposite effect you want and could eventually push your man away.

These helpful tips from our Fort Worth dating coaches here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service will help you combat your clingy behaviors for good. The good news is that there are many productive ways you can change your lifestyle. The benefits will be a stronger and healthier relationship.

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1. Have Your Own Hobbies

If you are a naturally needy woman, then you’re going to have to work on yourself. You need to find things to keep you distracted. The benefit of finding a new hobby is that it will bring you more joy in life, even if it’s just for a few hours a week.

Maybe your new hobby is something you enjoyed doing when you were a kid, or perhaps you want to take on a new language or learn a new skill. Whatever you decide to do, it will definitely give you a confidence boost. Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in a sport, art project, or other challenges. Time flies when you’re busy and having fun.

2. Don’t Drop Everything for Him

As Fort Worth dating coaches, we know that the number one rule for a relationship is not to drop everything for someone. If you think this rule doesn’t apply to you, then you might be ultra-needy. If you are neglecting your friends, hobbies, and interests just so you can spend time with him, then you are definitely needy and will lose him fast.

If you constantly call your boyfriend, get in the way of his guys’ nights out, or become too possessive with him, then he is going to lose interest in you. Men want a woman who is successful, fun, and enjoys her life and the things she does on her own. Making him feel like he is everything in your life is not going to have the effect you want. On the contrary, it will push him away.

3. Don’t Count the Days Without Him

One of the worst habits needy people have is constantly reminding their partner how much time they haven’t spent together. If you have ever said something like, “We haven’t seen each other for days,” or “It’s been a month since we had a date night,” then you are needy.

Take a step back and don’t cram quality time together down his throat. He is entitled to freedom, so don’t take that away from him. At the same time, if you have your own hobbies, interests, and friends, then you wouldn’t be so dependent on him to bring you happiness.

4. Let Go of the Plans for the Future

Another common trait of needy women is to go in-depth for their plans for the future. They already know where they will buy their first home, how many children they want to have, and where they will spend their holidays for the next ten years. For the average guy, this is just a bit too scary.

If you over exercise goal setting with your man, you might end up disappointed in the end. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, which could make you feel too anxious. Don’t scare your boyfriend away with over planning and talking too much about the future together.

5. Spend More Time in the Outdoors

Neediness can come from stress, so what is the best cure for stress? To spend time in the outdoors. Just going for a walk around the park or through the woods can reduce stress, which can help you combat your neediness.

If your boyfriend mentioned that you’re being too needy, plan something to do in the outdoors. Having a lot of open space around you and being able to unwind in Mother Nature will put you at ease.

6. Prioritize Your Friendships

If your boyfriend has mentioned that you’re too needy, then it’s time you prioritize your friendships. Allowing yourself a break and heading out for a girls’ night out is all you need to beat your clinginess. You need to show your man and your friends how important your gal pals are to you. Make it very clear that you need friends and nights out together where you can unwind in a little gossip session.

Your boyfriend will understand that you want to spend time with your friends, and it will make you look more confidence, which attracts men in the first place.

7. Have a Night Dedicated for No One But You

One of the best things about having a “me” night is that you’ll become a better partner when you reconnect with your boyfriend. Time by yourself helps relieve stress so when you are together, you’ll be more relaxed and less likely to spend your quality time together complaining about everything in life. As matchmakers and dating coaches, we urge you to fall in love with your personal time. You need at least one day a week dedicated to yourself.

By spending time on your own, you’ll gain a better understanding of who you are, what you want in, and will make better choices all around. You will also appreciate your relationship more after you spend time apart. Anytime you spend time alone you’re rebooting yourself and reenergizing.

See, we told you: you can definitely put an end to your clingy behaviors. It isn’t that hard, as long as you follow these seven simple tips from our Fort Worth dating coaches and say goodbye to the clingy version of yourself for good.

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