Fort Worth Dating Service Teaches You How to Handle Dating Rejections

Dallas matchmakers reveal dating tips you need to know when facing rejections in the dating world.
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Dallas matchmakers reveal dating tips you need to know when facing rejections in the dating world. Does it feel like your life has a tune similar to that of a broken record? Does it feel like you cannot get a second date no matter how hard you try? … Or maybe you never even get a first date? You enjoy a few minutes of conversation, might even exchange phone numbers, but it always comes back to the same old story, leaving you back in the singles express lane. When facing rejection, how can you withstand the constant blows your ego takes yet come out on top? Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service has the answers for you!

Dallas Matchmakers

1. Keep Everything in Perspective Remember that the world we live in can be brutal. People are fighting with terrible diseases (Ebola), there are wildfires, there are droughts, and a whole lot of terrorism going on so your dating problems aren’t the biggest problems being faced in the world. We know you have had success in other aspects of your life, so which ones have you faced roadblocks to overcame? When love seems like it keeps shutting the door in your face it is important to remember all the windows you have opened by yourself. This can range from goals you have accomplished, adversities you have overcome, and many other achievements you have conquered in your life, and don’t forget all the people you helped along the way and the love you’ve had from friends and family. Those bonds with family and friends are more important than a few dates with strangers. The support of people you care about can even help spring you forward right back into the dating scene again.


2. Dating Is Sort of Like Sales Have you ever had a sales job in which you had to sell something that was expensive? Maybe a car, real estate property, or even a diamond? When people are shopping for something large for their life, they are very picky about it, and many people will walk out of the salesroom without saying anything or buying anything at all. Now, just because someone walks off the sales floor at a Ferrari dealership, does that mean the Ferrari is a bad car? Absolutely not. It doesn’t mean that it’s not fast enough or shiny enough. It’s just that some people aren’t looking for that type of car. A good salesman knows that every sale is crucial but he also knows which type of person is going to buy his product and which isn’t. In the world of dating, you need to make sure you don’t spend too much time dwelling on those people who don’t buy your product. Feel confident in yourself and all your great qualities, and always save your best sales pitch for the person who is really going to buy what you’re selling.


3. Always Come Back with a Good Offense Some people think of dating as being cookie cutter and that they only have one chance to make ends meet. Our Fort Worth dating experts want you to see it like an unfinished painting. Dating is like a huge piece of marble, and in order to get down and find your soul mate, you must do a little chipping—chip away, chip away until you eventually make your masterpiece. Think of all that chipping away is the bad dates you will encounter along the way. You need to understand that dating is just a number’s game and a lot of those numbers are bound to be failed attempts. In many cases, people you go out with will not be interested in dating you, some will not have any chemistry with you, and some you will not like. The lucky one will turn into your soul mate but that will take time. If you are constantly meeting new and interesting people, you’re being social, and you’re going out on dates, then you’re bound to experience rejection. But as time goes by, you will be on your way to finding someone who is your ideal partner. 2


4. What Changes Can You Make? Every company is always on the search for the areas that need checked up, they’re looking for places costs are too high or supplies are too low and the income generated isn’t good. In your attempts at dating, you might find there are many areas in your life that need improvement, areas that are preventing you from being successful.

Perhaps you normally go looking for dates at the mall, coffee shops, bars and pubs; perhaps the people you meet aren’t good enough, maybe your dating conversation isn’t up to date, maybe your dating clothes aren’t up to par, maybe you’re carrying baggage from previous relationships, or maybe you’re having a tough time getting to know people because of your shy personality. It is quite possible that the largest part of your dating rejection can simply be eliminated by making simple changes in your dating approach.

Our Fort Worth dating experts want you to find what area in your life needs improvement and fix them. If your online dating attempts have not resulted in any fruits, then it might be time to try something new. Maybe the people you’re dating at bars and clubs aren’t looking for anything serious, then it’s time to look somewhere new. Or, perhaps you are not being confident enough when going out on dates, our matchmakers know that a dating coach can help you with this. Maybe the date ideas you’re coming up with aren’t cutting it, and if you are afraid of initiating conversation with a stranger, a professional matchmaker can help you out of your dating rut by doing the searching and introductions for you.

Our Fort Worth dating experts want you to focus on all the areas you’re coming up short and sort them out so you can finally get back on track in your romantic life. Here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles Dating Service, we know there is nothing worse than feeling rejected, but it’s important to remember that being rejected is just one small part of the dating process. Keeping a clear head, and keeping your mind focused on the goal, will allow you to minimize the bruises and scrapes and come out on top, successful and with a partner to settle down with.

If you’re struggling to meet commitment-minded singles on your own, contact our dating professionals today and let us help you jumpstart your love life!

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