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Many men in relationships often wonder if they’ve finally found the one. Our Fort Worth exclusive matchmakers know there are certain qualities “the one” should have. Just because someone has a few behaviors you’re not fond of doesn’t mean you have to write them off. The woman you’re dating might have a few qualities that don’t appeal to you, and if it’s just minor annoyances, then you can probably overlook them and make it work. After all, no one in the world is perfect.

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For starters, here are a few things that can be overcome in a relationship:

She chews with her mouth open.

She gossips with her friends every chance she gets.

She interrupts you during football.

She hates football.

The list could go on and on, but you get the idea here.

These habits could easily be overlooked. You could settle down with a woman who doesn’t join you to watch football every week. What we’re trying to say is that there are certain things that you might find annoying, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it work or that she’s not the one for you.

At the same time, life is too short to spend dating the wrong person. So how do you know you found the one? How do you know the woman you’re dating is a keeper? Maybe it’s not hard to know she is a keeper, but it can be tricky to figure out when she’s not the one for you. Today, our Fort Worth exclusive matchmakers will show you the signs she is definitely not a keeper.

1. She lives for attention.

It’s cute when a woman wants attention and you’re willing to give it to her. Those romantic text messages, heart emojis, and holding hands while walking through the mall will make her heart flutter. But can you really do those rehearsed posts confessing your undying love that she expects every day for the rest of your life? Come on, do not fool yourself into thinking you can. Dating a woman who expects to be showered with nonstop attention every day will leave you feeling exhausted.

Expecting a certain amount of attention is normal, but when she expects over-the-top gestures every day, then things will take a different turn. If your girlfriend isn’t understanding, is very demanding, needy and expects you to shower her with unreal amounts of love every day, she is not a keeper.

2. Her insecurities stack up higher than the Empire State Building.

Dating a woman who is downright insecure will make for one miserable relationship. They constantly doubt their boyfriends, worry they’re about to break up, and pick fights about any and everything. Dating a woman who is insecure will wreak havoc in your relationship. A woman who is insecure will always doubt herself and never be happy. She will always be doubting, worrying, and imagining the worst case scenarios all the time. What you need is a woman who is happy, secure, and confident in herself. You don’t want to date a nervous wreck full of insecurities.

3. She puts you to sleep with boring conversation.

In order for two people to get along, they must be able to have good conversations. If the woman you’re dating puts you to sleep when she talks, then she is not a keeper.

Now, you might not like every subject that she speaks about, but if all her chatter is boring and makes you want to run, then she is not the one for you. You can’t maintain a relationship with someone you have nothing in common with.

4. She doesn’t like your friends and family.

If the woman you’re dating can’t accept the most important people in your life, your friends and family, then she is not the one. Dating a woman who doesn’t like your loved ones will be the biggest mistake of your life. She will ruin all your relationships and will never get along with anyone you care for. She will not want you to attend family get togethers and will prevent you from hanging out with your friends. In other words, she’ll smother you.

5. She is hard to please.

We know that women can be very hard to please. But if the woman you’re dating acts like she’s Queen Elizabeth, then you have a real problem. If wooing and pleasing her is tougher than winning the Olympics, then she is not the one. A woman who is hard to please will make for a very difficult relationship. A keeper will always meet you halfway.

6. She always needs to know your whereabouts.

Does this woman always demand to know your whereabouts? Does she want to know where you go, what you do, and who you see? Does she expect a phone call with hourly explanations? It is nice to have a woman worry about you, but if she’s controlling and demanding, then that’s a different story.

Our Fort Worth exclusive matchmakers know controlling women make for very clingy partners. You should always have your own space in a relationship.   You should be able to hang out with your friends and do the things you enjoy without having to run it by someone. Every relationship should have a little distance that allows both partners to breathe. If your girlfriend doesn’t give you this space, she is not the one.

7. She calls all the shots.

Maybe you need a little help picking out an outfit, and that’s okay. But if your girlfriend is controlling and tells you everything you need to do, then it’s time to get some control back in your life. If she calls all the shots, she’ll have you feeling like a puppet. You don’t deserve to be with a woman who demands you around and controls every aspect of your life. Our Fort Worth exclusive matchmakers know that dating this type of woman will make you feel emasculated. You are your own person and should make your own decisions. It’s time to find a woman who understands and respects this.

Sometimes we know when we’re dating the wrong person, while other times you might have to look for the signs. Some women can be misleading. But now that you know what to look for, you won’t get taken advantage of or waste your time.

Are you tired of dating the wrong type of women? Do you wish you could finally meet the one? Fill out the private form at the top of the page and let our Fort Worth exclusive matchmakers assist you on your search. Let us introduce you to quality single women in Dallas-Fort Worth who are compatible with you.

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