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If there’s one thing our Fort Worth matchmakers know, it’s that every woman is anxious and excited about first dates. And we’re pretty sure that if there was a crystal ball out there that would let you know how your first date will turn out, you would purchase it, right?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a crystal ball for purchase, there isn’t any magical power, and there isn’t any predicting the future. Aside from being awkward and weird, it doesn’t exist. If you want a successful first date, you must know how to create a good first impression. After all, first impressions are what really matter. To ease you into having a successful first date, our expert matchmakers here at Dallas and Fort Worth Singles have composed a list of first date hacks just for you.

1. Dress for the Occasion

First impressions are very important, but so is comfort. Ladies, don’t wear heels the size of a giraffe, a skirt that is too high up your thigh, or an outfit you have to constantly tug and fidget with. You need to wear an outfit that makes you look great but doesn’t reveal too much skin and is age appropriate.

2. Make the Most Out of Your Best Features

You already know what your best features are, and whether it is your nicely toned legs, your sculpted arms, or your beautiful blue eyes, whatever your best feature is, you need to focus on it. Whether it’s by wearing a nice skirt to show off your calves, a top that shows off your arms, or a hairstyle that enhances your eyes, you need to play up your best feature.

3. Choose a Casual Restaurant

We know there is nothing more romantic than a fancy restaurant, but going to a fancy restaurant for a first date isn’t the best move. The uptight setting will make the date tense as well. A casual restaurant, on the other hand, will make both of you feel more at ease. You won’t have to worry if you’re pronouncing the dishes properly or if you’re ordering something in the right price range. Casual restaurants are the best option for first dates because they provide a laidback and comfortable atmosphere that will allow both of you to open up and feel at ease.

4. Show Respect

Ladies, we know how time can get away from you when you’re trying to get ready, but you need to show up to your first date on time. And not only do you need to be polite to your date, but you need to be polite to the wait staff as well.

5. Be Decisive

Worrying about what you’re going to order or taking too long to order will turn him off completely. Our Fort Worth matchmakers want you to be decisive with what you want to order. It isn’t attractive to be himhawing all night long.

6. Be Present on Your Date

You need to show interest in your date and listen carefully. Don’t make the entire date revolve around you. If you are talking non-stop, how do you plan on getting to know him? For everything you say, try to ask him an open-ended question so conversation can flow easily.

7. Have Fun & Show off Your Smile

A very important rule our Fort Worth matchmakers want you to follow during your first date is to have a positive attitude. Go out and have fun. We want you to show off your smile while you’re out. Smiles are contagious and, trust us, he is likely to comment on your pearly whites. For men, it is very attractive when a woman is able to have fun and let loose.

*Oral hygiene is essential here, which is why we recommend whitening your teeth if you are a smoker or coffee drinker.

8. Bring Your Confidence with You

Our Fort Worth matchmakers agree that one of the most important first date hacks is bringing your confidence with you. One great way you can create confidence is by working on the skills and areas that need improvement. Maybe you’re a little bit of a shy person and need to work on your communication skills, or maybe you talk too much and need to be quiet and listen more, but whatever it is that needs improvement in your life, work on it to build up your confidence. Genuinely feeling good about yourself will help you feel better while on a first date. And if you feel good on your date, it will be very attractive to him.

9. Let Him Take the Lead

If your date wants to pay for the date, let him. Note, if you have offered to split the bill in half, be prepared to split the bill. Don’t play games here. Remember that he is just as nervous as you are. You have plenty of time to argue about gender roles when you get into a relationship. In the meantime, if he has offered to pay for the date, let him. It’s a manly thing.

Dating is fun, especially when you are a mature woman hitting the dating scene again. All you need to remember is that there isn’t any magic ball to predict the future. But you can surely improve your chances of landing a good man if you follow our helpful dating tips. Take time, read them, and get prepared for your upcoming first date. Remember that a first date isn’t a major life event; it’s just a first date. If nothing sparks, don’t get discouraged. It doesn’t mean that the next first date won’t be the one. You just never know unless you keep on dating.

If you’re ready to meet relationship-minded men in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, contact our matchmaking experts today and let us help you find your Mr. Right!

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