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Love is great. Love is grand. But love is not always reciprocated. There may be a time when you love someone and that heartfelt love is not returned. Our Fort Worth matchmakers know it’s troubling and painful when you love someone who is into you but not as much as you’re into them.

The reason it’s so frustrating he doesn’t feel the same way for you is that his feelings are confusing and misleading. He likes you, which is good, but he hasn’t crossed over into falling in love with you yet. You secretly hope he gets there, but after so long, a part of you wonders if he will ever get to that point. What do you have to do to get him to that point? How long should you really wait for him to come around?

What Happens When You Fall in Love with a Man Who Doesn’t Feel the Same?

In this scenario, you can either wait around or give up. But of course, you are already head over heels for him and more likely to wait for him to come around, wishing and hoping today will be the day. While we know you’re eager for him to eventually fall for you, our Fort Worth matchmakers will show you what could happen if you decide to do that—the grueling days that lie ahead.

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1. You’ll have to keep an eye for a lot of signs.

They say when someone’s in love that you can see it in their face. There is a glow to them, they have a sizzle and a spark—they look fresh out of a magazine photo. The truth is, being in love isn’t as evident as many people claim it to be. Being in love isn’t a mood; it’s a whole lot of emotions blended into one and it’s hard to tell.

This is why you have to look out for signs from the man you’re dating to see if he really loves you back. You’ll begin to analyze all his text messages and look for cues. You’ll start reading between the lines and overanalyze everything he does. To the rest of the world, you’re going crazy. But for you, you just know you’re looking for the signs to see if he’s falling in love with you too.

2. You will not be the one who calls the shots.

It’s known that the person who calls the shots in the relationship is the one who doesn’t care as much as the other. This is because the one who cares less can do whatever they want, knowing their partner will always take them back. And since you love him, you’re the partner who cares more—you don’t call the shots.

The big problem here is that you love him so much that he’ll take you for granted. Yes, of course he likes you and cares about you, but when something more important comes up, he’ll probably take that over you. You’re going to be taken advantage of—and you’ll happily take it because you love him so much.

3. You don’t expect much from him.

He could take you to the cheapest hole in the wall when he doesn’t have anything better to do and you’ll still think it’s the sweetest thing coming from him. In other words, your self-worth will be very low. Anything he does for you, anything at all, will be seen as a big thing (oh, so sweet) because that’s all you’ll be used to.

Our Fort Worth matchmakers know this isn’t healthy. We know you deserve better, but because you love this guy so much, you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery, even with meaningless gestures. This is sad because you’re just going to be wasting your time, waiting around for him to settle down. You need to realize that you’re worth more than this, but it’s something you must realize on your own.

4. You could lose him at any given time.

Liking someone is completely different than being in love with them. Loving someone is an investment, whereas liking someone is something tangible that could be gone in the blink of an eye.

You have to know that this is a painful reality. You are playing a game here, and there is a 50/50 chance he may leave you for someone else. Remember, he’s not in love with you, he only likes you.

5. He will be hard to get over.

When a relationship comes to an end, there is some type of closure. One partner breaks things off or it’s mutual from both partners. But you have never been with this guy. You loved him but he only liked you. You won’t get that closure you’re looking for because there wasn’t really anything there to begin with.

6. The what ifs will come around.

When he finally mans up and decides he doesn’t want to continue seeing you, there might be some type of relief. But afterwards, you’ll begin to wonder about the what ifs and what would have happened if the two of you were together.

You might start to wonder if you could have done more. You’ll dwell on past moments, thinking how you should have asked him what he was feeling and urged him to stay with you. You might keep thinking about those times and what you could have done differently… The harsh reality is, he’s gone.

Loving someone who only likes you can be a devastating and harmful place to be in your romantic life. Our Fort Worth matchmakers don’t want you to sacrifice your self-worth for the love of a man who doesn’t feel the same way for you. Remember that you deserve a loving partner, not someone who is unsure of his emotions. If you are looking for that special someone, contact our expert matchmakers today and let us help you find him. We know you deserve it!

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