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Proposals may be left as a surprise. But sometimes it’s helpful to know what’s ahead so that you have time to prepare. For example, you may want the perfect engagement ring. And if you can spot a proposal is about to come, you can already book the appointment with your guy. So if you’re ready to sniff out your partner’s plans, here is how you can spot the signs.

Today, our Fort Worth matchmakers here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles are going to show you the signs he’s going to pop the big question soon.

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1. He talks about the beginning of the relationship.

Getting engaged is not only exciting, but it also brings up the chance to take a trip down memory lane. When your boyfriend is about to pop the question, he might talk a lot about the early stages of the relationship.

He’ll talk about the first date, talk about when he knew that you were going to be his girlfriend, tell you cute things that his friends and family said after they met you for the very first time, and just generally be really romantic. You might not realize that he wants to ask you to marry him, but even so, these are awesome conversations to have with your boyfriend.

2. He tells you how much his family loves you.

Getting engaged means you’re about to become a real, actual part of your boyfriend’s family, and he will become part of yours. Sure, your boyfriend’s parents might love you so much that they already see you as a part of their family, but getting engaged makes things official.

When your boyfriend is getting ready to pop the question, he’s going to make it a point to let you know that his family loves you. You might already know this, but he’ll make sure to say it anyways.

Why is he doing this? It’s definitely because he’s getting all giddy and sappy since he’s about to ask you to marry him. He’s thinking about the future and the fact that you’re going to be a part of his life. He’s just so happy that he’s about to ask you to marry him that he wants to be super romantic and let you know how wonderful he thinks you are and he’ll want to make sure you know his family feels the same way about you. You might laugh and think he’s being a little bit too much, but once you have the ring on your finger, you’ll see what we are talking about.

3. He asks if you’re happy with him.

Some couples are mushy all the time and constantly say sweet things to each other and talk about how much they love each other… But others do the total opposite. It doesn’t mean that you’re more or less in love. It’s just the way that you communicate with your partner and how you express your love and emotions with each other. There is really no right or wrong way to be in a relationship. Everyone is different.

When your boyfriend is getting ready to ask you to marry him, he might ask you if you’re happy with him. He might ask this even if he already knows the answer is yes. You’ll probably laugh and say, “you know the answer,” and then wonder why he seems to get all nervous and insecure all of a sudden.

Even if he knows that you’re going to say yes if he pops the question, he’s still going to have those butterflies. It’s a big moment in his life, and he won’t want to mess it up. He just wants to be reminded once again how you feel, so definitely let him know how happy he makes you. Yes, even if you think he should already know the answer.

Do you think your guy is about to get down on one knee? We sure hope so!

If you’re single and want to meet marriage-minded men in Dallas, contact our Fort Worth matchmakers today. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.



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