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Okay… First of all, let’s start this article by saying that not all men are cheaters. There are plenty of great boyfriends out there who will stay committed to their girlfriends no matter what is going on in life or their relationship. These guys won’t cheat because they know there’s no room for infidelity in a healthy relationship. They are mature men who know that true love isn’t something you take for granted.

And these are the same guys who know that when a relationship fails, they should be man enough to walk away before going to another woman. They don’t resort to cheating and infidelity as a form of self-sabotage for the relationship. They don’t look to get with another girl when they’re currently invested in a relationship.

If you’re wondering why you have yet to meet this type of guy, then it’s probably because you’ve just been surrounding yourself with the wrong types of guys. You seriously might want to rethink the types of guys you’re dating. Better yet, you might need to evaluate how and where you’re meeting these guys. There is a tried and true way of meeting the right type of guy, and as a reputable Dallas-Fort Worth matchmaking service, we can vouch for that.

Today, our Fort Worth matchmakers are going to show you the real reasons guys cheat.

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1. To get out of the relationship.

There are times when a man can fail to be a real man. He isn’t happy about how the relationship has turned out, and instead of talking about it, he chooses to engage in outside affairs and infidelity to end the relationship.

2. To get more sex.

As terrible as this might sound, there are just some guys who get into relationships purely for the purpose of getting sex. They aren’t really in it for the love or affection. Unfortunately, they just want sex. And when that’s the case, there is no real emotional connection that would compel them to stay loyal.

3. They can’t resist temptation.

Some guys are just too weak. He might see that a woman is practically throwing herself at him and he will be helpless to her advances. Maybe he will say that he was intoxicated and that he wasn’t in the right mind. Perhaps he will say that he didn’t really know what he was doing. But the truth is that he was just being very weak in that moment and he made a bad decision that can cost him the relationship.

4. Because they’ve done it before.

A lot of times, it’s a lack of repercussion and accountability that can lead a man to become a serial cheater. Maybe he has just happened to cheat on women in the past and he managed to get away with it all the time. He was never made to confront the repercussions of his actions and so he feels like he can do whatever he wants in a relationship.

5. They are exposed to it.

There are so many cases of guys cheating because they are exposed to this behavior from other guys. Perhaps they grew up in households where cheating was okay. Maybe they are always surrounding themselves with other men who cheat on their girlfriends. It’s that type of exposure that leads them to adopt these bad traits.

At the end of the day, every guy cheats for his own reasons. But for the most part, acts of infidelity fit into one of these five categories. Unfortunately, love is risk-filled game that can lead to heartache. But once you find the right guy, you’ll never have to worry about another broken heart.

If you’re not meeting the right guys on your own, let our Fort Worth matchmakers introduce you to the right ones. If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Dallas-Fort Worth, contact our passionate matchmakers today.

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