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A great first date can make all the difference in your dating life. Find out what to do on your first date to make sure you have the perfect experience that lands you a second date.

If you’re wondering what to do on a first date, whether you’re single for the first time in decades or just not having any luck with your current dating approach, don’t fret – there are a few things you can do to ensure that you both have a wonderful time.

While the place you pick and the way you behave on the date might seem like the most important criteria, those are just two parts of the big picture here. There are many other things that play a role in how your date turns out.

Today, our Fort Worth matchmakers here at DFW Singles Dating Service will show you how to have the perfect first date.

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1. Pick the perfect place.

The place you choose for your first date has a lot to do with your age and also your expectations of the date.

Are you trying to meet someone you may date for just a little while – something casual and lighthearted? Or are you trying to find true love? It is very important to know what your intentions are so you can find a place that fits your goals.

2. Be a good date.

Whether you’re the guy or the girl, try to show off your best side in order to impress your date. Don’t embarrass your date by dressing poorly or showing up late. Behave well and learn to be a good date. That also includes being chivalrous if you’re a guy and acting like a lady if you’re a woman.

3. Keep the date personal.

If you want to have a great first date, stop thinking about what other people think. Plan a date keeping both of your interests in mind. Do both of you like a band that’s playing in town that night, or would your date prefer going to a wine tasting event? Or perhaps you would each prefer to play it safe and just for go for a quick and casual coffee at the local coffee shop? Remember to keep both of your interests in mind while planning the date, but also keep it intimate.

4. Ask them for suggestions.

Involve your date in the whole planning. It’ll make her feel appreciated and more involved in the whole thing. You should understand that the girl would expect you to come up with a few plans of your own. But to start with, ask your date for suggestions or places she’d be interested in going to with you. You can offer suggestions for restaurants while keeping her tastes in mind by asking her what type of cuisine she’s in the mood for. If she tells you she loves Thai food, this would be your chance to take her somewhere in town she’s never been to before.

5. Always keep comfort in mind.

While meeting each other at a club may seem like the perfect start to a fun relationship, a loud club doesn’t lend the atmosphere for a first date. The more comfortable and happy your date feels, the better the date will be. Trust us on this one. You never want to take your date to a club. Instead, choose a soft jazz club or somewhere more romantic and intimate.

6. Visualize the date beforehand.

Most guys think that they’ve planned the perfect first date. But if you spend a few minutes visualizing the whole thing, you’ll be able to see if you’ve actually planned something exciting for the whole evening. If the dinner portion of the date goes really well, do you have something in mind for afterwards? Is there a cozy coffee shop around the corner in case you want to extend the date? How about an intimate martini bar that serves the best dessert drinks?

7. Have a plan B ready to go.

Sometimes, a perfect date can go downhill if your plans don’t work out. If you want to have a perfect first date, have a few options ready to go in case option A doesn’t work out.

You see, planning a great first date isn’t that hard. Our best advice is to visualize the entire evening and have a few Plan Bs in mind in case things go sideways and the restaurant loses your reservations. All in all, be respectful, take your date into consideration, and just show them a good time no matter what you decide to do.

If you’re not having any luck in the Dallas dating scene on your own, let our expert matchmakers help. If you’re single and ready to meet relationship-minded singles in Dallas, contact our matchmakers today and let us help you find true love. Let our Fort Worth matchmakers do the hard part of dating for you!

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