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Do you wish you could skip over the pond of frogs and find your Mr. Right already?  Of course you do, who doesn’t?  It would prevent you from wasting your time and energy and save you from many frustrations and heartaches along the way.  However, you need to kiss a few frogs before you can find your Mr. Right.

As the leading Fort Worth matchmaking service, we know that most women in Dallas-Fort Worth will have to deal with many bad dates and terrible relationships before they meet a man who is worthy of their time.

You will get angry after a while and feel like a fool for wasting so much of your time dating the wrong men, but you must realize that these unpleasant dating experiences are necessary for your future success.  Today, our expert matchmakers are going to show you why you must kiss a few frogs along the way.  Take notes and evaluate the lessons you’ve learned along the way.

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1. You get your priorities in order right away.

Kissing a few frogs along the way can really take a toll on you.  Once Mr. Wrong has done you wrong, you quickly realize that your priorities aren’t in order.  Dating Mr. Wrong will shed light onto every mistake you ever made and teach you what you must learn to become a better person, which will make you less likely to make the same mistakes again.

2. You stop basing judgements on looks alone.

There was a point in your dating life when you went for men who had gorgeous faces, hot bodies, charming personalities, and nice paychecks.  But after getting your heart broken by Mr. Wrong a few too many times, you learned that those things don’t mean much.  You know there are more important things and now search for substance.  You can now recognize who is fitting for you and who isn’t.  The flashy, charming, good looking men are no longer on your list if they don’t have the personality to back it up.

3. Good qualities are more important than quantity.

You used to date any man who came your way, thinking that quantity was better than quality.  But nowadays you would rather wait around for a man who is mature, stable, and ready to settle down, not a cheap knockoff who flashes you a smile.

4. Good looks no longer turn your head.

Nothing shallow interests you anymore.  You have been there and done that in your dating career and have come to realize that beauty is not always what you see.  In fact, you would rather meet a man who is funny, respectful, and genuinely charming over someone who looks like they belong on the front cover of a magazine.  If you meet a man who is also attractive, that’s a bonus, but it’s not your number one priority.

5. You’ve become more guarded.

You might see this as a bad trait, but you’re actually doing your heart a favor.  It means you will no longer fall for anyone, nor become a victim to those fake promises.  It takes longer for you to open up and trust a man.  With nearly 30 years in the Fort Worth matchmaking industry, we want you to know that is completely okay.  After all, you never want to put your heart on the line too quickly and risk rushing it along or getting hurt.

6. You’ve learned to slow it down.

After getting your heart stomped by Mr. Wrong many times, you’ve now learned to slow it down in dating.  You used to rush your relationships along, but not anymore.  Now you go at the speed of a turtle and let each relationship progress at its own pace.  You are more patient now and learning things as you go along instead of prying it all out in the beginning.

7. Your idea of Mr. Right has changed.

Once you have your heart broken by Mr. Wrong, your vision of what you want completely changes.  Even if you had an idea of what you wanted before, you no longer want that today.  Being in a relationship with someone can teach you many valuable lessons, along with your wants and needs in a partner.  It helps you figure out exactly what you’re looking for in a relationship.  Money, good looks, material possessions, and things of the sort no longer interest you whatsoever because you want a man who is compassionate, respectful, stable, and relationship-minded.

8. You have developed higher standards.

You might think you landed the perfect guy until he destroys your heart, at which point you realize that he wasn’t the one.  You might then notice that you were dating him just to date someone, not because he fit all of your dating criteria.  Once you’ve had your heart broken by Mr. Wrong and go back into the dating scene, you’ll have higher standards.  You will realize how low your standards were before and how far they’ve come.  You don’t give men a chance unless they have everything you’re looking for now.

9. Your brain and heart work as a team now.

Your heart used to do the deciding for you, but not anymore.  After having your heart broken by Mr. Wrong, you now know how to use your brain and heart and make them work together.  You no longer follow the motto “The heart wants what the heart wants.”  Your brain plays an important role in your decision making now.  It is easier to see everything you were doing wrong before because you let your brain in on the decision making now.

10. You finally know what men you deserve.

All the pain and struggles you’ve encountered in your dating life—the sadness, lonely nights, and heartbreak—have paid off.  You now know you don’t deserve to date one more Mr. Wrong.  You are now ready for true love with a man who is fit for you.

Kissing frogs is an inevitable part of dating, and you will not meet Mr. Right until you’ve had your heart stomped many times.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from all those unpleasant experiences.

Are you tired of dating all the wrong guys?  Do you want to skip over all the frogs?  Contact our Fort Worth matchmaking service and let our expert matchmakers introduce you to your Mr. Right.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE, no obligation 90 minute matchmaking consultation today!

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