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We’ve all been there before. You meet a guy and simply can’t stop thinking about him. Hey, we get it, we know it’s not easy to stop obsessing over a new love interest. And while this is all fine and dandy if you’re talking, seeing each other, or even heading for relationship territory, what if you never even met, he barely knows you, he’s already taken, or worst of all, he’s come out and said he’s not interested in you?

Ugh, that’s the worst. If you’re obsessing over a guy who falls into one of those four categories, this could have detrimental effects on your life. As the leading Fort Worth matchmaking service, we’ve helped many single women in Dallas-Fort Worth get over dating obstacles like this, and we’re confident we can help you too.

If you’re ready to forget about this guy and move on with your dating life, keep reading as our Fort Worth matchmaking experts show you the steps to getting over him and moving on with your life.

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1. Stop the Social Media Stalking

First thing’s first, get off his social media accounts. With just about everyone having social media accounts today, it’s easy to fall into the trap of sneaking a quick peek (we all know it turns into a ‘not so quick’ look most of the time) at our crush’s page.

With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it’s easy to get caught up in their world. After all, you want to know everything about this hunky new guy you’re totally hot for, right?

Back it up for just a moment. The social media stalking thing is a recipe for disaster. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to really become obsessed with someone – and that’s not healthy.

If you really want to get over this guy, then you need to stop creeping his social media pages. Back it up, ladies! Outta sight, outta mind.

2. Meet Other Men

Remind yourself that this guy isn’t the only attractive male on the planet. Stop telling yourself that you only have eyes for this guy. Get out of your house and meet new people. Have fun hanging out with other men, even if they’re just friends. You’ll quickly realize that this guy isn’t the only potential partner for you.

3. Get Together with Friends & Fam

Speaking of friends, why are you shutting yourself up at home stalking this guy’s social media pages when you have close friends and family members who would love to see you? Call up your best gal pals and arrange a ladies’ night out, or simply stay in, catch up, and have some of your favorite wine.

And how about your family? We’re sure they miss you and want to spend time with you too. Start hanging out with people who love you, get out and enjoy doing the hobbies and activities that bring you happiness. Stop letting this guy control your every thought and create your own joy.

4. Try New Activities

Speaking of hobbies and activities, why not try something new? Always wanted to try out a hot yoga class? Well, now is the perfect time. Not too great in the kitchen? Why not sign up for some local cooking classes? Love art and wine? Grab your gal pals and head out for a wine-filled painting glass. Hey, we told you that you could snap out of this in no time!

5. Take a Vacation

Even if it’s a short trip, getting out of town will help you clear your mind. Traveling brings a sense of exhilaration and fulfillment that we can’t get at home. Enjoy traveling, whether with family, friends, or all alone. Believe us, a little vacation is all you need to realize how big the world is and that you don’t need to revolve your life around this guy.

If you’re ready to regain total control of your life, follow these five tips from our Fort Worth matchmaking experts and snap out of it in no time.

If you’re single and searching for love in Texas, contact the best Fort Worth matchmaking service and let our expert matchmakers do the matching for you. Let us introduce you to quality single men in Dallas-Fort Worth who are relationship-ready and compatible with you.

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