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Being single on Valentine’s Day can be very tough for both men and women. But it doesn’t have to be. You’re successful, smart, independent, and fabulous. You don’t need a commercialized holiday to make you feel validated. All you need is the right attitude to get through.

If the upcoming holiday has you feeling down and out, don’t worry, because our Fort Worth matchmaking experts have a few tips to help you survive Valentine’s Day alone.

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1. Spend the day pampering yourself.

Valentine’s Day is all about love, so why not spend time loving yourself? Sleep in late if you can, enjoy having all the covers to yourself, and make yourself a delicious breakfast with your favorite coffee. Embrace your single status and pamper yourself silly this V-Day.

2. Visit the people you love.

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, why not use this day to spend time with the people you’re closest to? After practicing a little bit of self-love when you wake up, it’s time to show your love for others. Take your parents to their favorite coffee shop or invite your brother or sister out for a glass of wine or a beer and some good conversation. Just because you don’t have a partner doesn’t mean you don’t have anyone to love. There are many people you can hang out with on this special day.

3. Dress up.

They say that when you’re feeling down and out or feeling unattractive that it helps to dress up—even if you’re only going to the store.

Shave, shower, style your hair, and pull out your best clothing. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile back at the person looking at you. Tell yourself you’re so good looking, even if you don’t have a partner by your side.

4. Have a romantic dinner by yourself.

Just because you’re single and alone this Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t spoil yourself with a romantic dinner for one. Make your favorite dish from scratch and serve it as if you were serving it for a romantic date. Pull out all stops on this one. Romantic music in the background, fancy dishes, and candles on the table will really make you feel great.

5. Throw a singles party.

You can’t be the only single one left. You’re sure to have a few friends who are single too, right? Then it’s time to round up the crew for some fun. Set up a Facebook event page and invite all your single friends for a night of chocolates, wine, and movies.

6. Send yourself flowers.

Timing is everything for this one. You need to be in a public place, such as your office, to get your flowers. When the gift arrives, go ahead and act surprised and overwhelmed. No one will ever know you sent them yourself. Hey, lots of people do it, so don’t feel guilty.

7. Go to a romantic restaurant.

Why spend the day slaving in the kitchen when you can enjoy a delicious dinner at your favorite restaurant? Tables for restaurants will be booked in advance, so you don’t want to wait around to book yours. Invite your best friend to join you for a dinner for two.

8. Watch romantic movies.

There are many romantic movies playing on TV on Valentine’s Day. Even if your favorites aren’t playing, you can rent them or watch them on Netflix. Spend the day watching The Notebook or your favorite Ryan Gosling movie. And don’t forget your favorite ice-cream or a nice bottle of wine.

See, you don’t have to have a partner to enjoy Valentine’s Day. If you’re single and dreading V-Day alone, use these tips from our Fort Worth matchmaking team and enjoy the day on your own. Valentine’s Day is all about love, which includes self-love and platonic love too.

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