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It is every woman’s worst fear to have her boyfriend dislike her friends. Women want their boyfriend to like the most important people in their life, and when there’s tension between them, our Fort Worth upscale matchmakers know it can wreak havoc on the relationship. It’s a real thing, some men just don’t get along with a woman’s friends. Is this happening to you?

Some people might say that if he cares about you he will come around your friends, but that’s not always the case. Your man could love you with all his heart, but there may be a few friends of yours that he just cannot stand.

This doesn’t mean he is a bad person. It simply means his personality doesn’t match well with those of your friends. Although this might not seem like a huge deal, our Fort Worth upscale matchmakers know it can create a lot of stress in the relationship, since they are, after all, your friends.

Troubles arise when he tries to pull you away from those friends, or your friends don’t want you to date him. If you are having problems with your boyfriend not liking your friends, our Fort Worth upscale matchmakers have the solution to your tough situation. Today, we’ll teach you how to make him come around and hopefully start liking your friends.

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1. Don’t ignore the problem.       

Ignoring the problem will not make your boyfriend come around. You need to come up with a solution to the problem. Sure, it might be easy to ignore it for a while, but you’ll eventually have to tackle the problem head on; otherwise, it will create major problems in the relationship.

Ignoring the issue will make things worse down the road. Not only will your boyfriend be frustrated when your friends come around, but he’ll start resenting you for it.

2. Find out why he dislikes them.

Instead of ignoring the problem, our Fort Worth upscale matchmakers want you to get to the bottom of it. Simply ask your boyfriend straight up why he dislikes them. Maybe there is a misunderstanding you don’t know about, or something he sees that you don’t.

Not only will you get to the bottom of it, but your boyfriend will be happy when you ask him. This will help you solve the issue and know exactly why he’s feeling the way he’s feeling. You could potentially avoid major problems just by talking to your boyfriend.

3. Solve the problem as soon as possible.

So you found out why your boyfriend dislikes your friends. Now comes the part of fixing the problem. Your job is to do everything in your power to fix what’s happening. Is there anything you can do to make your friends and boyfriend get along? If so, do it right away. Having your boyfriend dislike your friends can make for an unhappy relationship. It’s best to solve it right away.

4. Keep them separated.

In order to avoid a major confrontation between your friends and boyfriend, it’s best to keep them separated for the time being. Clearly your boyfriend dislikes them, so it’s best not to bring them around until you fix the issue at hand. Don’t invite your friends over until you have talked to both parties and fixed the problem. There will be plenty of sunny days in Dallas for barbequing, so just wait it out for now.

5. If you can avoid it, don’t tell your friends about it.

If the disliking is only one-sided, then don’t tell your friends about it, especially the women. Women have a tendency of holding onto things like this, as bad as it sounds. Yes, we know that lying isn’t the best choice in relationships, but avoiding it can save you from a lot of resentment down the road.

As long as your boyfriend isn’t rude to them, they’re never going to know your boyfriend disliked them at one point. Try to keep that to yourself as you work hard to fix the situation behind the scenes.

6. Ensure he knows how you feel.

Don’t hold in how you feel about this situation. Your friends mean a lot to you, and if you can’t stand the fact that your boyfriend dislikes them, make sure he knows this.

We’re not going to lie, sometimes men are clueless about feelings and might not understand the deep connection you have with your friends. Telling him they mean the world to you might be all he needs to make him change and start trying to like your friends.

7. Don’t ditch your friends.

We cannot stress this point enough! Don’t ditch your friends simply because your boyfriend dislikes them. Just because he doesn’t like them doesn’t mean you need to stop liking them yourself.

If he doesn’t want to tag along to get togethers or doesn’t want to stay at home when you invite them over, so be it. Your friends were there many years before he entered the picture, so don’t ditch them simply because your boyfriend doesn’t like them. You will start to resent him, which can cause your relationship to fall apart.

8. Accept it and move on.

If you can’t come up with a solution to the problem, or he just won’t budge on the situation, then it might be time to just accept it and move on.

Just because you like your friends doesn’t mean your boyfriend has to like them—this is the way life works. Think about it, there might be a friend or two of his you dislike too, right? Try to see it from that perspective. If you can’t get past it, let it go.

Nobody wants to have a partner who dislikes their friends, but that’s just life sometimes. Dealing with it is hard, and we know, but we hope this advice from our Fort Worth upscale matchmakers will help you solve the issue at hand so everyone can get along and all your relationships can thrive.

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