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You met a wonderful guy and are head over heels for him. He is charming, blessed in the looks department, has a great personality, and a smile that makes you melt.

So you want him to fall for you but don’t know how to go about it. When it comes to landing the man you want, the key is in the details. As professional matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience in the Dallas dating industry, we know exactly what we’re talking about. Let our Irving matchmaking service show you the secrets to become irresistible to men.

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1. Show Him Your Confidence

Women love a man who is confident and sure of himself. Needless to say, it works the other way too. Ladies, it’s a major turn on when you show a guy your confidence in yourself.

Men are naturally drawn to a woman who is secure and confident in herself. It shows that you’re not afraid to go after what you want. Confidence is attractive and men will instantly be drawn to you.

If you’re lacking in the confidence department, work on yourself or fake it until you make it. You must do whatever it takes to show him that you’re comfortable in your own skin.

2. Wear a Nice Scent

This one is a given. Men adore a woman who smells good. Whether you’re trying to impress a crush or not, you want to smell good all the time. Shower, wear deodorant, spritz your favorite perfume—you know the drill.

It’s a fact that men love a woman who smells nice and will chase after her over a woman who doesn’t smell as nice. Studies have shown that a nice fragrance will turn a guy’s head as you walk past him. Don’t be afraid to dab a little perfume in the right places—wrists, elbows, and behind the ears. But do not go overboard with the perfume. You don’t want him to get hit with a strong and overbearing odor either.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Him

Yes, we know this can be a little scary. But if you want him to fall for you, you must open up to him. An important part of developing a relationship with a guy is talking.

Like any relationship, whether a friendship or a loving relationship, getting to know each other takes time. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation and get to know each other. You never know, you might have a lot in common once you get talking. And if you’re already seeing each other and looking to take things up a notch, try to connect on a deeper level by asking more intimate and meaningful questions.

4. Compliment Him

Isn’t it nice when someone gives you a compliment out of the blue? It makes you feel great and boosts your self-esteem. Well, guess what ladies, men love a compliment too. And since men rarely receive compliments, it feels that much better when they do.

So if you notice something you like about him, say his great sense of style or his good conversation skills, let him know.

“I love your loafers.”

“I love your sense of humor. You’re so funny.”

“You have great taste in food. I love this restaurant.”

Giving him compliments like this will make him feel good and boost his self-esteem. So don’t be shy with the compliments, ladies.

5. Smile More Often

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Smile and the world will smile with you”?

When you smile, you release feel good endorphins. Those endorphins make you happy, and happiness is contagious. Haven’t you noticed that when you yawn, others around you start yawning too? Well, when you smile, people around you will want to smile too.

Not only does smiling make you look more welcoming and pleasant to be around, but it will make you appear friendly and more approachable. It will give him positive vibes that make him want to spend more time with you.

Let’s face it, who wants to be in the company of someone who doesn’t know how to smile? So go ahead, ladies, and flash those pearly whites.

Ladies, if you want your crush to like you, never—and we mean never—try to be something you’re not just to impress shim. Not only will it make you unhappy and phony, but it just won’t work. Thanks for reading this dating blog from our dating and relationship experts here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles. Use these tips from our Irving matchmaking service and you’ll soon become irresistible to him.

If you’re one of the many single women in Dallas who is struggling to find that special someone, let our expert matchmakers help. We’ll provide you hand-selected matches who are compatible with you, along with expert dating coaching and guidance and support every step of the way. If you’re ready to start dating with confidence and attracting the quality men you deserve, let our Irving matchmaking team lead the way.

To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today!


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