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If you’re like many single men who are looking for love in Dallas, you may be growing desperate on your search. If you’ve been single for a while, it’s only natural to want to be in a relationship. What might seem less natural, though, is that wanting to be in a relationship so much is actually hurting your chances of finding love.

Let’s take a second and think about what we just said. We’re talking about the point you reach when you’re so desperate to find love that you’ll do anything to be in a relationship.

If you have reached a point where you feel like you need to be in a relationship to be happy, or you believe that a relationship will somehow fix all your problems, then you’re not ready for a relationship. Maybe you’ve been single for a few months, or maybe even years, but if you aren’t happy being single, you’ll never be happy in a relationship.

Being unhappy on your own might seem like it’s okay, but it’s actually hindering you from finding a partner. It can have a detrimental effect on your chances of finding love. Long story short, if you’re not happy being single, you’ll never be happy even when you find someone. You will most likely be single for even longer or struggle to keep a happy and healthy relationship when you finally do find someone.

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What’s the Issue with Wanting a Relationship?

There is nothing wrong with desiring a meaningful relationship, especially in today’s world where everything is driven by love. From films to TV shows, everything we do revolves around relationships. Pop culture constantly sends us messages to remind us that if we’re not in a relationship, we’re unhappy—or worse, failures.

Finding a girlfriend is a sign of success for men, similar to that of a high-earning job or a nice home. This is where the problem comes in. Landing a girlfriend is no longer a choice but something men are told they must do in order to be happy. If you find yourself frustrated with your single status or see yourself as a failure, then you might become a little desperate on your search for love.

You might start to believe that finding a girlfriend will be the cure to all your problems, as the failure of not finding love seems to be the biggest failure of your life. While searching for an explanation to why you continue to be single, you might point blame on other aspects of your personality and lifestyle that you think are the reason behind your lack of love, which can lead to many self-doubts. Basically, you tell yourself that because you’re single, you’re a failure.

Why This Is Preventing You from Finding Love

To make matters worse, the more you believe you need a girlfriend to be successful, the more desperate you’ll become on your search. Did you know that women hate desperate men? If you believe that finding a girlfriend is the most important thing in life, then our Dallas matchmakers know you’ll come off as desperate.

Suddenly, you’ll be the guy who can’t accept an invite unless he knows how many women will be in attendance, or that guy who tries to move the relationship too fast once he finally meets a woman. You might also latch onto any friendliness from a woman because you believe it’s a sign of romantic interest. Maybe you’re already that guy and you don’t even know it. You might not even be aware you’re doing all these things, but everyone else around you is well accustomed to it. Everyone knows that’s the real reason you can’t find one. There aren’t many traits less attractive than desperation, and you’re definitely pushing women away with yours.

What Will Happen If You Continue On Like This

So maybe you get lucky, or maybe you’re a guy who knows how to hide his desperation. Maybe you’re a great catch that someone is willing to give a chance despite the red flags going off in her head. But you’re not in the clear just yet. If you want to keep a relationship alive, you need to know that it’s not as simple as the movies, and that’s because your desperate attitude will make you a selfish lover.

You won’t enter the relationship because you want to be with this woman but rather because of what you want to get from her. For you, the relationship is just what you can get from it. Your girlfriend will have to be there for you, but you won’t always be there for her. After all, to you, it’s what you can get not give, remember?

As you can imagine, not many relationships will work out like this. You can’t go into a relationship expecting everything for yourself without doing anything for your partner.

If You’re Looking for Love in Dallas, What’s the Secret to Find It?

So what is the secret to finally finding love in Dallas? It’s simple, to simply enjoy your single status. This isn’t saying to stop caring about relationships or to stop searching for a loving partner. It simply means to enjoy being on your own and embrace your single life. No one needs a relationship, and if you believe you do, then you’re not ready to be in one. As professional matchmakers, we know that the best relationships come from two people who are happy living their own lives but want to share it with someone else. You should want a relationship because you want one, not because you need one.

Now, being happy with yourself doesn’t mean you’ll love everything about yourself or your life. It means understanding that you have flaws and working hard to fix them. If, for example, you need to work on your self-confidence, do it for yourself, not for a woman. If you decide to join the gym, do it to get in shape, not to meet a woman. If you take a new class, do it to improve yourself for your own sake, not to meet women.

Your undefined abs aren’t the reason you’re single today. But if you work on them to improve your self-confidence, we’ll cheer you on.

Take time to discover new interests and hobbies, socialize with new friends, and do everything without the pressure of looking for a partner. Who knows, you might just find someone while you’re out enjoying yourself and having fun.

This might come off as a little paradoxical. If you want to land a girlfriend, you need to stop desperately searching for love. You must start living your life and enjoy being single, then you’ll find someone who is perfect for you.

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