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Has your relationship gotten a little stale lately? Well, pick yourself up and brush yourself off! Don’t let yourself fall into a relationship rut that you can’t get out of. If you’re ready to put in the efforts it takes, our Dallas dating coaches have some top secret relationship tips to bring the excitement back to your relationship and make your girlfriend fall in love with you again. These expert tips have proven to be successful for many years and we know they’ll work for you too!

The key to making your girlfriend love you again is to display the right attributes and qualities women desire in a partner. While every woman is different, there are some common things all women desire in a man. Believe us, they cannot resist these things.

However, from our experience in the Dallas dating and matchmaking industry, we know that in order to make your girlfriend fall for you again, you’re going to have to do more than that—you’re going to have to bring the excitement and passion back—you’re going to have to work to bring back that spark!

Proceed with caution, though, because she’ll fall head over heels for you in no time.

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1. You need to make her happy.

Women like a man who makes them feel great. And making your girlfriend feel amazing is one of the top things you can do to make her fall for you again. It is obvious that she already likes your personality and enjoys spending time with you, so the best way to make her fall head over heels for you again is spending more quality time with her, doing fun and exciting things, and being genuine with her.

Women love hearing compliments, and that’s no secret to you. But since you’re her boyfriend, you can’t toss around generic lines like, “You’re smoking hot” or “Sexy mama!” You already know her very well, which means you must put thought and efforts into your compliments. Take notice to the small changes, such as hairstyles, makeup, and new pieces to her wardrobe. Give her a compliment and let her know you noticed her new haircut or her new sexy red lipstick. Let her know you’re proud to have such a great woman as your girlfriend.

And compliments don’t always have to be about changes or appearances. In fact, she’ll appreciate a more heartfelt compliment once in a while. Let her know how delicious her dessert was or tell you love and admire how hard she’s been working lately.

As a rule of thumb, you can’t keep telling her the same compliments over and over again; after all, that will certainly get boring. You’re her boyfriend, so the compliments you give must be thoughtful. Otherwise, don’t bother. Compliment her on her inner beauty, her talents, and her amazing qualities.

You can make your girlfriend feel fabulous by making her laugh as well, so make her smile every chance you get. The possibilities are endless—these are just simple things you can do to make your girlfriend fall head over heels for you again.

2. Show her your romantic and sensitive side.

Not every woman wants to be with a sensitive man or a passionate one that goes over the top with romantic gestures all the time, but they do want a man who can be sensitive from time to time, one that can be romantic on special occasions.

The amount of sensitivity and romance you put into your relationship depends on what type of woman you’re in a relationship with. Some women enjoy being showered with flowers every week, while many would get annoyed. Some women like being called princess, while others would rather not.

You need to learn what your girlfriend likes and wants from you. Chances are you already know it well and understand what she expects from you, but you just got too complacent and forgot to continue putting in efforts. Well, now is the time to get back in the game! Start showing the right amount of sensitivity and romance to make you girlfriend fall in love with you again—bring back that fire and passion!

Now why do romantic gestures work? Because many women expect men to be emotionless, especially in today’s dating world. Not many men are romantic anymore, which means you can easily stand out by showing her that you are.

Take a few moments out of your day to write her a love note, have flowers delivered to her work when she’s not expecting anything, or surprise her with a home cooked meal when she walks in the door. Simply show her that you’re a man who is willing to go above and beyond to make her happy.

3. Make her miss you.

The last thing a happy couple wants to do is be apart from each other. But our Dallas dating coaches warn you that it’s absolutely essential to live separate lives and give each other time and space. Just like you like spending time with your guy friends, she also likes spending time with her gal pals. Your job as her boyfriend is to respect her space. Let her spend time practicing her own hobbies and interests, going out with her friends and family, or just doing what she wants to do.

By giving your girlfriend time and space to do the things she enjoys, you’re building confidence and trust between the two of you. Plus, it shows her you’re not one of those possessive boyfriends. Go ahead and let her do what she enjoys doing, because providing this kind of support and displaying this level of confidence will make your girlfriend fall in love with you again.

Flirting also never hurt. But in order to make your girlfriend fall in love with you again, you can’t flirt like when you were in high school or college. Surprise love notes, romantic text messages, and midday phone calls are all you need to successfully flirt with your girlfriend.

So what are you waiting for? Pull yourself out of this relationship rut with these 3 simple relationship tips from our Dallas dating coaches.

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