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Turning a guy down isn’t a walk in a park. There is no perfect way to turn someone down. Most trusted Dallas matchmaking service will teach you the right way to get your point across without crushing him in the process.

Do you know the right way to turn down a guy?

If you’re in that very awkward situation, we feel for you. Today, our Dallas matchmaking experts will teach you how to turn him down gently, no hard feelings.

How to Reject a Guy

You might have just come back to the Dallas dating scene, you may just be friendly with another guy, or you might have met someone new at a coffee shop.

It doesn’t matter the scenario, there is a good chance that you are going to come across men who are interested in you in a romantic way.

If you like the guy, this is great news for you.

But what happens if you don’t? What do you do if he is persistent? Then you have a problem on your hands.

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How to Turn a Guy Down Like a Mature Lady

Rejecting a guy can be very difficult to do. And how you approach it completely depends on the guy who’s after you. Some guys can get the hints and quickly back away.

But some guys may need a little more than hints to get your message across loud and clear.

If you want to learn to reject a guy, there are many things you can do to get your point across. Start with the first one listed by our Dallas matchmaking experts and work your way down the list.

How to Reject a Guy the Polite Way

Not all guys are bad people. He could be persistent because he sees you as a great woman to be in a relationship with. He clearly likes you so he can’t be a bad guy. In many cases, some guys are genuinely nice and want to date you.

And in other cases, they might think you are playing hard to get and continue to chase you even harder. This is the guy you want to watch out for. Today our matchmakers are going to show you how to turn down a guy the right way.

1. Be Upfront with Him

This one is very simple. If a guy is chasing you and you are not interested in him in a romantic way, tell him right away that you are not into him like that. You don’t have to be rude about it, just simply tell him that you don’t see him as a potential date. You really don’t owe him a full explanation about why you don’t see him as a potential partner or why you don’t want to date him, just tell him and move on.

2. Tell him you want to keep the friendship

If you want to reject this guy but love to have him as a friend, then go ahead and tell him that you want to remain friends. This can be used with good guys or ones you aren’t sure just yet. It takes time to figure out if you like someone as a partner and you don’t want to let this guy get away if he could be the one. Maybe you’ll change your mind down the road.

3. Make It Clear as Water

If the guy you turn down ask you on a date again, it’s time to be clear and firm. You’ve already turned him down before and did it in a polite way. So now, it’s time to be firm and to the point. Tell him that you don’t like his behavior and that you already told him that you don’t see him that way.

4. Tell Him You Don’t Like Him

Some guys get scared about this one. When a guy continues to chase you and tries to ask you out, tell him that you don’t like him like that. Tell him that you are starting to dislike him because he is now being annoying. The more he is asking you out, the more you are beginning to dislike him.

How to Turn a Guy Down in a Firmer Manner

Okay, so you’ve tried to be nice and nothing worked so far. Here are few ways to turn him down a little more harshly.

1. Avoid Him at All Costs

Some nice guys can be really nice while others are so annoying it drives women crazy. If this guy doesn’t get it, our matchmakers want you to avoid him at all costs. If he asks if you are avoiding him, tell him yes. Let him know that he’s not getting it and this is the only way you can get your point across.

2. Don’t Talk to Him Alone

Men love it when a woman speaks to them alone. To them, this behavior shows preferential treatment over other guys. You need to avoid talking to him alone because this makes it seem like you are interested in him. Tell him that you’ll speak to him when you’re convinced he is not trying to ask you out again.

3. Be Rude If You Must

If being firm doesn’t work with this guy, then is time to be rude. Say something like “I wish you would get the point” or “You just don’t get it, I don’t like you like that.” Being rude might be the only option left. If you have tried everything else, don’t feel bad about being rude towards him.

4. Cut Him from Social Media

Cut him off from your social media accounts. This will sure get the point across. Remove him from your friends list or block him. Tell him that you are doing this because he just doesn’t get it.

There you have it, ladies, four ways to reject a guy in a peaceful way and four ways to turn him down harshly. Use this guide to turn down guys who are after you and you don’t see a future with. You should never feel guilty about turning down a guy you don’t like.

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