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When you are badly hurt from a relationship, it can take a while to move on and really put it behind you.  You put your heart into something you thought would last forever but ended up getting burnt.  Your heart is shattered in a thousand pieces, so it’s no wonder you’re hesitant to put it on the line again.  You are afraid that your heart will be broken once again.  As the leading Dallas personal matchmakers, we know this feeling can leave you lonely and confused.

Whatever your friends, family, and colleagues suggest for your romantic life, it’s important you do what’s really best for you.  You should take as long as you need to heal from your breakup before you jump into the Dallas dating scene again.  You simply cannot start a new relationship if you’re not fully healed.  You might think that the new person you date will help you heal, but that’s the wrong mindset to have in your romantic life.  You are wrong to think that a rebound relationship is what you need.  Rebounding simply prolongs the healing process.

Healing your broken heart must be your number one priority after a breakup.  You need to be responsible for your own healing and happiness and can’t expect someone else to come along and magically provide all that for you.  Like it or not, that just wouldn’t be healthy.

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Am I Ready to Start a New Relationship?

Before you can answer this question, you need to dig deep and figure out a few things about yourself and your emotional well-being.  You must take all the time you need and decide if it’s the right thing for you.  Here are a few questions our Dallas personal matchmakers want you to ask yourself to determine whether or not you’re ready to date again.

1. Am I over my ex?

This question might seem obvious, yet you would be surprised how many people have a hard time answering it.  You might not want to think about your ex; after all, they did hurt you and you would rather keep them out of your mind.  However, if you’re looking to start dating again, you must figure out how you feel about them and determine if you’re truly over them.  Remember, you cannot start a new relationship if you still have feelings for your ex, whether good or bad.

2. What happened in my last relationship?

As professional matchmakers, we know that your last relationship left you with a broken heart; however, we also know that it wasn’t all your fault.  In order to heal your broken heart and start dating again, you need to know exactly what went wrong.  You need to figure out what you did that caused the relationship to fail so you can change those behaviors in your future relationship.  If you don’t know what went wrong, then you need more time to figure it out so you can prevent it from happening all over again.

3. Do I like doing things by myself?

This might seem like a rather odd question to ask yourself, but it’s actually very important.  Do you take care of yourself?  Do you eat healthy and exercise regularly?  Do you have your own passions and interests?  What about hobbies?  Do you like spending time on your own?  If you answered these questions in a negative way, then you’re not ready for a relationship.  You cannot expect another person to make you happy if you’re not happy on your own.

4. Am I dating just because I’m bored?

Many people think that being in a relationship is the ultimate cure to boredom, but we know it doesn’t work that way.  You shouldn’t start dating just because you want to be entertained.  If entertainment is what you want, go hang out with your friends, read a book, or start a new hobby.  Our Dallas personal matchmakers want you to do some soul-searching and find out the real reasons you’re bored with your life.  You must occupy your time with productive activities and truly enjoy doing things on your own before you start searching for a partner.

5. Do I have my own hobbies and interests?

Interests and hobbies are what make us who we are as people.  And believe it or not, they are vital to your happiness.  If you have no passions, hobbies, or interests, what do you have?  And, no, browsing the web isn’t a hobby.  You need to figure out why you don’t have anything you enjoy doing.  Our Dallas personal matchmakers encourage you to start a new hobby and watch how alive you begin to feel.  Immerse yourself in things that make you feel good before you start dating.

6. Am I truly happy with myself?

Are you happy with your life and the way it’s going?  Do you love who you are as a person?  Do you know what makes you happy?  If you have no idea, then you’re better off not dating until you figure out how to be happy on your own and by yourself.  We can’t emphasize this enough: you cannot be happy with someone unless you’re happy with yourself first.

7. Am I just looking for someone to make me happy?

Do you think that having a partner is going to instantly make you happy?  If so, think again.  If that is your only reason for looking for a partner, then you’re dating for the wrong reason.  This is an extensive of the point mentioned above.

8. Why do I want a relationship?

Do you know the real reasons why you want a relationship?  Have you asked yourself this question?  If you haven’t, then you need to do it now.  Are you doing it because your friends are in relationships?  Are you doing it because your parents want you to find someone?  What are the reasons you’re looking for love?  Is it because your biological clock is ticking?  Your answers will let you know for sure whether you’re ready to start dating again.

Ask yourself these eight questions before you decide to start dating again.  Realizing whether or not you’re healed and ready for a relationship is one of the most important things you can do before putting yourself out there.  It’s okay if you’re not ready and need more time.  It is better to take the time you need to heal rather than jump into something you’ll regret later.  Take time and really ensure you’re ready to welcome someone into your life.

If you are ready for a relationship, contact our Dallas personal matchmakers today and let us help you find the love you deserve.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with Dallas & Fort Worth Singles Dating Service today!


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