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You might think the old flirting techniques are dated, causing you to try new methods of with modern day women, but beware. Whether you realize it or not, the new techniques you’re trying could be detrimental for your dating life. To ensure you don’t fall into the trap that many other single men in Dallas have fallen into, let’s take a closer look at the worst ways to flirt with women. Our Dallas matchmakers want you to avoid these flirting techniques at all costs!

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1. Stalking Them & Sharing It While on a Date

“So, I hear you’re into hiking.” She responds, “Yes, how did you know?”

“Duh, I read it on your Facebook page.” Okay, so you found her on Facebook and decided to creep her whole wall and go through all her pictures—the classic Facebook stalking routine. While this might have given you a lot of insight on her life, it is downright creepy if you decide to reveal it on a date, especially when she never told you about it.

The key to flirting is finding things out at the moment, not letting her know you have been doing research on your own. Get to know her little by little, layer by layer.

2. Coming on Too Strong

You have decided to go for it after five minutes of meeting her—good luck with that! Why? Because you’re going to need it.

What fun is flirting if you’re coming on too strong? Not only do you take the fun away, but if you get too close to her after only a few minutes, you’re going to scare her away. She is going to assume you’re desperate and needy, and instead of working in your favor, it’s going to backfire on you. Instead, our Dallas matchmakers encourage you to back off and be casual. Let things take their natural course and just have a good time.

3. Smiling from Far Away

Yes, this is a great flirting technique to catch a woman’s attention from the other side of the room. You make eye contact with her and smile, which shows her you’re into her, but then you must make a move and talk to her. If you keep sitting across the bar smiling and watching her, you’re going to creep her out and she’s going to think you’re a weirdo.

After making eye contact with her, you must make your move. Flirting from afar all night is not the approach you want to take and will hurt you in the end.

4. Flirting with All Her Friends

Back in the day, when the flirting book was written, “Flirt with her friends” was high up on the list, but believe our modern day matchmakers when we tell you it no longer works. While flirting with her friends may be the move for men who are too shy to flirt with the woman they’re into, it’s not going to make your intentions clear. The woman you’re into will have no clue you’re into her and you could end up looking like a player in the end. Like many things in life, you must get to the point and you can’t do it by flirting with all her girlfriends.

5. Flirting via Facebook

There is no doubt about it, some men are great at social media flirting, but when it comes to real life flirting, face to face, they really freeze up. Their flirting techniques don’t live up to what they used on social media and their pickup lines are a mess.

The problem with flirting via Facebook, and using it as your number to go-to tool, is that it won’t get you anywhere. You can only like so many of her pictures or comment on so many of them before you actually have to take it face to face. Women enjoy real life flirting, just so you know.

6. Not Replying for a While

Did your player friend tell you that the best way to flirt with a woman is to keep her waiting? Well, think again. If you purposely wait too long to text her, she’s going to get bored with you. She will be frustrated and lose interest quickly.

A good flirting session includes two people moving quickly, where the momentum increases instead of dying down. You must be witty and quick with your flirting, not slow and boring. If you see your phone lights up, then don’t wait too long to reply to her text.

7. Too Much Teasing

Teasing plays a big part in flirting, and all the good flirters use it to their advantage, but sometimes, it can be too much. For example, if teasing is the only thing in your entire arsenal, you might have to come up with a different set of tricks. If you tease her too much, you’ll eventually put her in a defensive stance, which is not what you want to do. You don’t want to make her angry and ruin the evening. Tease away but do it subtly and playfully.

8. Being a Bully

Remember the code back on the playground, the one where you would act badly to the girl you liked and she would chase you even more? Well, that doesn’t work. It didn’t work back then and it doesn’t work today. You simply can’t bully a woman and think it’s going to work in your favor.

9. Being Too Serious

Flirting is fun, and can sometimes lead to romance, but it must be done playfully. The next time you’re with a woman, our Dallas matchmakers encourage you to let your fun personality guide you. If it leads somewhere, it leads somewhere. But don’t push it and be too serious. You’ll know when it’s leading somewhere.

If you’re having troubles finding the right partner, contact our Dallas matchmakers and let us help you find a woman’s who’s right for you. We do all the hard work of scouting and screening, leaving you to the enjoyable part of dating. Contact us today to set up a confidential one-on-one consultation to get started.






















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