Single Women in Dallas Envy You but You’re in a Dating Rut

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Your friends envy you and your relationship. While they’re out at the bars, searching dating sites, or browsing Tinder, in hopes of finding the right man, you’re at home cuddling yours. They complain about horrible dates with men that have no jobs or guys who are just downright creeps. While you post pictures with your boyfriend, and know how much he loves you, you secretly envy them and wish you were single too. You never tell them, but you miss those single days, those moments of excitement that come along with dating.

It’s not that you don’t love your boyfriend anymore, and you’re certainly not trying to cheat on him, but you’re in a very common scenario—a relationship rut! Your life has become a monotonous routine that is on cruise control—no bumps or thrills along the way.

Yep, you are now realizing that your relationship has fallen into a rut. The signs are clear and go as follows.

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1. You Say I Love You Like It’s Nothing

Saying the words I love you or hearing them from your boyfriend used to give you butterflies in your stomach, but now, well, now they’re just habit. You say it every morning when you wake up, midday on the phone at work, and every night before you fall asleep. It has become a routine rather than a phrase that is meaningful.

What You Need to Do to Fix This

Show your boyfriend that you love him in a way that he doesn’t expect. Prepare his favorite pasta meal, give him a kiss when you’re out shopping, or text him unexpectedly to let him know you miss him.

2. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Went Out on a Real Date

You both have hectic life schedules; after all, that is life. He practices golf on Tuesday nights and you go salsa dancing on Wednesdays. On Thursdays, you’re both home but dead tired. Fridays are sacred because you go out with your friends. On Saturday nights he has basketball and you have another salsa lesson. Sundays are spent with family—and that’s your entire week.

You don’t have a lot of free time to spend with each other, but when you finally do, it’s spent sitting at home, watching your favorite TV show. The last time you went out on a real date was months (or even years) ago.

What You Need to Do to Fix This

Schedule time. Things were not like this before, so how did you make things work in the early stages of your relationship? Well, you probably set time aside for dates. It doesn’t matter if you see him on a Tuesday afternoon or if you go out for lunch on Friday, you need to make time. Nothing stops you from doing that but yourselves. Even if you have to plan it ahead of time and schedule it into your calendar, go ahead and do it and make sure you stick to it. Your relationship deserves quality time spent together.

3. Sex Is Okay, But It’s Repetitive

One of you all the sudden gets in the mood and tries to initiate sex. Things move into the bedroom and the act is done. It was okay, but was it great?

What You Need to Do to Fix This

Get out of your comfort zone; do things unexpectedly. You used to do fun things back in the early stages of your relationship, so why not try them again? Believe us, breaking out of your comfort zone will bring the fire back to your relationship.

4. You Check Your Phone While Eating

When his phone beeps, he immediately looks at it; every other bite, you check your Facebook account to see what everyone is up to. We know it bothers you but you’re not sure what to do; after all, even when you ask him about his day, he doesn’t really have much to talk about.

What You Need to Do to Fix This

Put your phones away, please. You would not be checking your phone while eating with your parents out of a sign of respect, so why do you do it to each other? You spent the last eight hours apart from each other at work, so that right there should give you plenty of things to talk about.

If he is in a bad mood, maybe his boss was on his case that day and isn’t in the mood to fill you in on everything. But if you see him texting, then he’s probably telling someone something interesting… Why not share it with you? If he is quiet, try to lighten the mood and get him to open up.

5. You Wonder If This Is It

You are starting to wonder if this is what it’s going to feel like forever. The good news for you is that it won’t; you are in control and can turn things around.

What You Need to Do to Fix This

Have a conversation with him. A problem can only be fixed if both partners are willing to fix it. Maybe he has no idea of the things he’s doing that are making you unhappy. On the other hand, maybe he’s also realizing that something is wrong is but is afraid to tell you.

Being in a relationship rut is dangerous, no doubt about it. But what’s even more dangerous is if you let it go without making an attempt to dig out of it.

You might get angry because you think he doesn’t want to put in the efforts; he might get angry at you because he doesn’t think you know there is something wrong. Talking to your boyfriend might be worrisome at first, and it might lead to an argument, but it will get better eventually if you both come to the conclusion changes must be made. Once you both agree that you’re in a rut, then you can come up with a plan to fix it. As long as you both put in the efforts to turn it around, we know you’ll be happy like you once were.















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