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You just got dumped or maybe you’re the one who did the dumping. You just want to curl up in your room and stay far away from everyone. It doesn’t matter if it was a short term relationship or a long term one, breaking up hurts. If you cared for and loved this person, you’re certainly going to feel the pain; after all, it’s like experiencing the death of a family member or a loving animal.

Grieving the loss of a partner will take some time, but we’re going to help you do it the right way. Today, our Fort Worth dating coaches here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles will show you the right way to get over your breakup and all the pain you’re currently experiencing.

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1. Let Yourself Be Sad

There are bound to be breakups that leave you feeling sad and in need of a good cry, and that’s completely okay. Let yourself experience that and don’t hold back. Enjoy your favorite ice-cream, eat your favorite cookies, and let yourself obsess over every single detail of the breakup. You have to do this to let the pain out and get over it. Let your mind take it all in so you can finally get back on your feet. You need to experience the pain and sadness of your loss so you can get back on your feet again.

The most important aspect of this phase is getting through it and limiting yourself to only a few days. You don’t want to stay sad for a long period of time or it will affect your life. After you’ve had your pity party, it’s time to brush yourself and get back to life. After all, life doesn’t wait for anyone.

2. Cut Out All the Sad Things in Life

Stop listening to that depressing song you had on repeat all weekend, stop playing Romeo & Juliet, and stop reading every love letter and card they gave you. Once you’ve had your good cry, it’s time to start dusting yourself off and getting up and moving again.

If you need to think about your breakup again, tell yourself that you’ll only think about it for a few minutes. This will allow you to think about it for a moment and quickly move on, instead of wallowing in your own sadness for too long. Everyone wants to be happy, even people who have just had their hearts broken. Now is the time to set yourself up to find happiness once again.

Pump yourself up with upbeat music, watch good movies, the ones that have happy endings, or start reading an inspirational book. Also, remember that your ex is the one who made you feel the way you are feeling now, so that means it’s time to eliminate them from your life.

During this breakup process, our Fort Worth dating coaches also encourage you to try a 30-day cleanse where you eat healthy, work out regularly, and promise yourself not to contact them again. It will help you clean yourself and get back on your feet with a fresh start and rejuvenated mind and body.

3. Catch Up on Necessary Sleep

You probably haven’t had great sleep since the split. Breakups can prevent you from sleeping or even cause you to wake up at weird hours thinking about your ex and how things went wrong. Part of your 30-day cleanse should also be getting adequate sleep. Drink relaxing tea and eat foods that encourage sleep. Red puffy eyes and dark circles are not a good look for anyone—and worse, not sleeping will make for a miserable and unproductive day at work.

4. Let’s Get Busy

Focusing your energy on your work, school, hobbies and interests is a great way to keep your mind occupied from the breakup or anything else that is poking at you. Now is the time to start making careers moves, to work on that promotion you always wanted, and to take on that yoga class you’ve been meaning to try out. Now is the time to work on making any improvements you’ve been meaning to do for yourself or around the house.

And it’s during this time you’ll be most productive. You can volunteer during your free time and do things for your community. Volunteer at the local animal shelter or soup kitchen. The idea is to stay busy and focus all your energy on productive things. Staying active will eliminate moments of boredom and prevents you from thinking too much. Eliminating downtime will prevent you from texting your ex and thinking about them all the time. Oh, and don’t forget to lean on your friends and family during this time. They will not mind lending you a helping hand and giving you the support you need to overcome your heartbreak.

After completing all these necessary steps to surviving your breakup, we want you to remember one thing—to have faith in the process and never to give up on real love. Don’t become one of those cynics who doesn’t believe in love and happiness.

Here at Dallas & Fort Worth Singles, we know that love exists and we can help you find it. But first, you need to survive your breakup so you can heal and move on with your life. If you have faith, something great will come your way. We hope these tips help you survive your breakup and move on with your romantic life.

When you’re healed and ready to welcome love into your life, contact our Fort Worth dating coaches and matchmakers and let us help you find your perfect partner!

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